5 things to know about Horizon Forbidden West ahead of its upcoming launch

All you need to know about the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West (Image via. PlayStation)
All you need to know about the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West (Image via. PlayStation)

After a long wait, Guerrilla Games and Sony are inching closer to the release date of their flagship action role-playing game, Horizon Forbidden West. Being the sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn, the game features a post-apocalyptic open-world set in the United States.

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PlayStation has released a State of Play gameplay trailer for Horizon Forbidden West where they showcased a number of new features, weapons, and a new and more challenging storyline.

Players can get their hands on the game once it launches on February 18, 2022.


5 things you should definitely know about Horizon Forbidden West

1) New weapons

New weapons for Aloy (Image via: PlayStation)
New weapons for Aloy (Image via: PlayStation)

Different kinds of lethal weapons played an important part in Aloy’s journey in Zero Dawn, especially when dealing with different enemy types. Horizon Forbidden West builds on this and will offer new weapons and projectiles that players can choose from. This includes new adhesive bombs, smoke bombs and a lethal spike launcher. Adhesive bombs will help players get rid of machines by stopping them in their tracks.

2) Aloy will face new machines

Meet The Machines!An enormous, fast combat machine that can lash out from long range. Once the Slitherfang assumes a coiled stance, it has access to its full arsenal as its rotating body parts snap into place.#HorizonForbiddenWest

The machines that featured in Horizon Zero Dawn, were some of the most intriguing aspects of the game and the upcoming sequel is getting more of them. Players will be able to face all new machines venturing into the open-world.

This includes machines that are amphibious in nature and capable of combat underwater. From the gameplay reveal, huge flying Sunwings made of solar panel wings and tough turtle-like Shellsnappers are seen monitoring the land.

3) A larger open-world map

Post-apocalyptic San Francisco (Image via: PlayStation)
Post-apocalyptic San Francisco (Image via: PlayStation)

Horizon Forbidden West is getting a significantly larger map than Horizon Zero Dawn. The map stretches from the Pacific coast to the edge of Utah. The map features an exceptionally detailed view of post-apocalyptic San Francisco.

4) Introduction to underwater exploration

Meet the Machines!The Burrower is a recon machine that emits a high-pitched sound to alert allies and stun enemies. It can tunnel underground and resurface in unexpected locations.#HorizonForbiddenWest

Guerrilla Games will introduce a new underwater environment showcasing the machines and creatures living underwater. Aloy will now be equipped with a new underwater breather which will allow her to explore for much longer. The game will also bring in new aquatic mechanics which allow Aloy to hide from Snapmaws by navigating strong currents.

5) It will be a PlayStation exclusive at launch

All options available in PlayStation (Image via. PlayStation)
All options available in PlayStation (Image via. PlayStation)

Like Zero Dawn, its sequel will also be PlayStation exclusive at launch. The gaming director of Horizon series indicated that there would be virtually no loading screens thanks to PS5’s new SSD. PS4 owners will also be able to play the game after it launches. Sony promises a free upgrade for players who will switch to PS5 later on.

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