Horizon: Forbidden West PS4 Build leaks online

Horizon Forbidden West [Courtesy of PlayStation Blog]
Horizon Forbidden West [Courtesy of PlayStation Blog]

With Horizon: Forbidden West set to officially release early next month, the internet has already seen a fair deal of leaks surrounding the title.

This has led many to fear that the next leak might contain spoilers for the narrative, and community members are apprehensive about even going on social media, lest their hype for the game gets ruined.


Images first surfaced on Monday, supposedly from the PlayStation 4 build of the game. The Horizon: Forbidden West community has since confirmed that the leak is legitimate. The leak contains the entire main game, other than some missing art assets.

It’s not showing up on major file-sharing sites yet, but some have already begun playing Aloy’s next adventure. The potential for spoilers of this magnitude could ruin many players’ experiences.

What was in the Horizon: Forbidden West leaks?

Horizon: Forbidden West will drop on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18, 2022, but the potential for spoilers is high with this leak. However, both Dualsense Floppa and Nano's image leaks were removed.

Primeras imágenes In-game del próximo juego "Horizon Forbidden West" esta vez la versión de las imágenes son de "PS4". #HorizonForbiddenWest #PS4 #Leaks

Before being deleted, NANO's two images showed very little except Russian text, but players were able to dig up more information on that.

One of the images simply had Aloy running through the jungle, albeit a gorgeous one. In the second image, she was preparing her weapon, and players could see a quest objective, which again was written in Russian.

The images themselves showed incredibly high graphic fidelity, but they did not contain enough information that might ruin the game for fans.

Horizon Forbidden West [Courtesy of PlayStation Blog]
Horizon Forbidden West [Courtesy of PlayStation Blog]

Thankfully, these images showed nothing major in the story, but that could change over the next few days. What’s interesting about this Horizon: Forbidden West PS4 leak is that Sony has yet to make a statement about it.

Instead, they continue to be vigilant and remove leaked images, which further ratify its legitimacy. It’s not the first major spoiler from a PlayStation exclusive, as back in May 2020, leaked gameplay of The Last of Us 2 came to light.

It’s still an unfortunate blow to such a highly anticipated game. What does the community think about the leak? As it turns out, it’s a pretty mixed bag of positive and negative tweets.

Horizon: Forbidden West leaks garner mixed reaction from fans

As it turns out, the response to the game leaks is a mix of positive and negative. Quite a few Twitter users are actually excited that there is more information coming.

Some users feel that this means the game is incredibly polished, and it will not harm sales at all. So there is some excitement coming with the leak.

@JoeMiller101 lol when a game leaks this early it means it's polished as F!Unfortunate obviously. but its not gonna damage a game like Horizon Forbidden West imoEveryone still wants to play the game for themselves. for gameplay & the whole experience in pristine quality.Cant wait!🔥

Other users simply think it’s a fake, especially without any videos. They concede the leak could be real, but don’t seem convinced.

there’s horizon forbidden west leaks??? nah, not on my watch!

Meanwhile, there are fans who are upset and will not be posting spoilers of any kind. Many choose to just block and mute all spoilers and recommend others do the same.

Is it true that the Horizon Forbidden West story has leaked?If so, please be better than the opposition and don't spoil the game for others.

Several users are simply muting words associated with Horizon: Forbidden West as well as leaks and spoilers. This should keep their feed clean of unwanted information, so those players can go in with a clean slate. Though the reaction is mixed, fans are upset that this, or any game, is being leaked and spoiled.

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