When does Horizon Forbidden West release?

Horizon Forbidden West releases early in 2022 (Image via Sony)
Horizon Forbidden West releases early in 2022 (Image via Sony)
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Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated games of 2022 and the PlayStation exclusive is just around the corner. Along with some other heavy hitters in the coming months, Horizon Forbidden West is set to grab the attention of PlayStation gamers of both generations as the new year arrives.

February is already designated as one of the most stacked months of 2022 until more dates are released in the Fall season. Horizon Forbidden West is one of the AAA games with an official February date to look out for, and those who played the first game may remember that same time frame back in 2017.

When does Horizon Forbidden West release in February?


Players will have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to game purchases in February, especially after so many game delays in 2021. For those that want Horizon Forbidden West as soon as possible, the official date of release is February 18, 2022. This will be the first major Sony exclusive in 2022, so Guerilla Games will have all eyes on them to set an example.

Unlike some of the other exclusives that have already released on the PlayStation 5, Horizon Forbidden West will not be exclusive to new generation consoles alone. Guerilla Games has already confirmed that the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn would be available to players that own a PlayStation 4. Performance may be a bit more manageable on the PlayStation 4 pro, but there's no telling how it will all run.

Alongside Horizon Forbidden West, there are two other major AAA games that will be direct competitors to the PlayStation exclusive. The first is Elden Ring, which is perhaps the most anticipated game of 2022 and has already faced two separate delays. Another is Dying Light 2: Stay Human, but this game may struggle to gain as much traction as the other two titles.

Will Horizon Forbidden West release on PC?

PC players may need to wait for confirmation. (Image via Sony)
PC players may need to wait for confirmation. (Image via Sony)

When Horizon Forbidden West releases on Fenruary 18, 2022 the game will be exclusive to the PlayStation platforms. There is no word on if or when the game will release to PC players on Steam.

However, Horizon Zero Dawn was eventually released on PC after a couple of years passed. While that means PC players will have a long wait to potentially play the Horizon series sequel, history tells players that there is at least still a chance.

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