5 things to do after running out of Resin in Genshin Impact

Image via MMOJACKX57 (YouTube)
Image via MMOJACKX57 (YouTube)

Resin is a valuable resource to have in Genshin Impact, but some players wonder what to do after running out of this precious tool.

Ley Line Blossoms, Domains, and Bosses all require the player to spend a certain amount of Resin to acquire their resources. As a side bonus, using Resin (also known as Original Resin) gives the player Adventure Exp in a ratio of 1:5 on the amount of Resin spent. Considering how much of a necessity they are in Genshin Impact, some players are left confused as to what to do after they run out of Resin.

Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of things a player can do in Genshin Impact. It isn't just silly stuff for the sake of doing it either. These tasks can reward the player, perhaps not as much as using Resin would, but still noticeable enough to satisfy players looking for something to do in Genshin Impact.

Five things to do after running out of Resin in Genshin Impact

#5 - Refill one's Resin

Image via Attack of the Fanboy
Image via Attack of the Fanboy

If the player has used all of the regular Resin and still wishes to grind out Bosses, Domains, or Ley Line Blossoms, then there are ways to continue the grind. Using Primogems is a poor use of that resource, but using Fragile Resin is very much recommended for refilling a player's Resin.

Fragile Resin is capable of refilling 60 of a player's Original Resin. Unlike Condensed Resin, there is no limit to how many a player can have in their inventory at any given time. If a player really wanted to grind out for a day, they could constantly use Fragile Resin all day. However, if a player runs out of Fragile Resin, then there isn't much they can do in regards to the three aforementioned activities.

#4 - Take a break


Perhaps the least satisfying thing a player can hear is to take a break, but it doesn't make it a less valid thing to do. If there is nothing else for a player to do in Genshin Impact (or activities the player doesn't want to do today), then taking a break is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. After all, a player shouldn't be forced to play Genshin Impact for the sake of it.

A break from playing the game doesn't mean the player can't be productive with their time concerning Genshin Impact. If a player genuinely wants to better themselves in Genshin Impact, then they can look up several guide videos or watch Genshin Impact streams to see if they could learn something valuable.

#3 - Commissions

Image via Genshin Impact Reddit
Image via Genshin Impact Reddit

Daily commissions are reset every day at 4:00 AM, server time (not all servers run at the same time). If a player hasn't done their commissions yet, then doing so should be a top priority. Commissions are easy to do and can be a breath of fresh air for players looking to do something other than mindless grinding. There are many random commissions a player can do, but it should be noted that the player only gets four random ones each day.

Other than getting some sweet Primogems and other minor rewards, doing commissions also gives players a Story Key (at rank 26+). Players can get a Story Key for doing eight commissions, and then use that key on a Story Quest. It should be noted that a player can only have up to three Story Keys in their inventory at any given time. Plus, commissions are an easy way to get a little extra battlepass exp.

#2 - Events

Image via V4Van (YouTube)
Image via V4Van (YouTube)

Some events can serve as a timesink to players, so doing a little bit of it each day is recommended. If a player is used to grinding out their Resin each day, then they should be fine with spending more time with whatever event is ongoing in Genshin Impact at the moment. Some events are easy, some are harder; either way, they're often worth doing.

Sometimes, these events have some of the same resources that a Ley Line Blossom or Domain would hand out. In this kind of scenario, players shouldn't feel bad about grinding for a similar resource. Plus, there's often a bonus item or two that the player wouldn't normally get with their handy-dandy Resin.

#1 - Quests

Image via IGN
Image via IGN

There is no shortage of quests in Genshin Impact. Whether it's an event quest that unlocks a more in-depth quest for the entry above or it's a simple Story Quest, there's often something for the player to do. Quests are the bread and butter of Genshin Impact's storyline and are sometimes required for the player to do something specific (like Stormterror's Lair).

Even if some quests are incredibly minor in scope, doing them still allows Genshin Impact's characters to come out and thrive. Players can get more attached to certain characters thanks to these kinds of quests, which might make them want to roll for them more when an appropriate banner pops up.

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