5 turn-based JRPG games to try out before One Piece Odyssey releases

Are you in search of turn-based JRPG games similar to One Piece Odyssey? Then you got to read this list (Image via Sony)
Are you in search of turn-based JRPG games similar to One Piece Odyssey? Then you got to read this list (Image via Sony)

The all-time popular anime adventure series about pirates, One Piece, will return on January 13, 2023, as a brand-new turn-based JRPG game. Developed by Tokyo headquartered Japanese studio ILCA, the upcoming entry of the One Piece franchise titled One Piece Odyssey will feature a turn-based combat system, where players’ team of allies will get to face off against a group of enemy pirates. Beyond turn-based party combat, players can activate specific, powerful skills that will act as special abilities.


While we’re all eagerly waiting for the launch of One Piece Odyssey on January 13, here’s a quick list of some of the best turn-based JRPG games ever made, which can be tried in the meantime to get you into the groove of things.

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1) Final Fantasy X HD Remastered (2013)


With enhanced graphic art and tons of added in-game content, Final Fantasy 10’s HD Remastered version also has one of the smoothest and most in-depth turn-based battle systems in the franchise’s history.

Final Fantasy 10 Remastered allows players to transition into other playable characters smoothly. The JRPG game’s intricate combos and movements are a treat to execute and watch, making it a title worth giving another re-visit if you’ve played before. For those looking to get the hang of One Piece Odyssey as soon as it gets launched, then trying out any Final Fantasy title with a turn-based battle system like the Final Fantasy 10 HD Remaster would be a great idea.

2) Earthbound (1994)


Earthbound is a cult classic JRPG game and probably the most arduous JRPG adventure to complete on this list. On Earthbound, players take on the role of a small boy called Ness. This JRPG game is about his adventure to fight off the evil that has visited Earth from outer space.

Earthbound’s storyline employs a good sense of humor and offers a one-of-a-kind turn-based battle system. So, if you are looking for a light–hearted and graphically less demanding JRPG adventure alongside One Piece Odyssey, then Earthbound is the one worth picking up.

3) Suikoden II (1998)


Released in 1998, Suikoden II is still regarded as one of the best turn-based JRPG games produced on the original PlayStation One platform. The Suikoden game pays homage to a classic Chinese novel called Water Margin.

One good reason to pick up Suikoden II just before the launch of One Piece Odyssey is that the former offers a giant rooster of over 40 recruitable party members, each with unique special abilities and attributes.

The title’s action sequels have a charm, and the turn-based battles feel immersive due to their grid-based nature. The stories narrated in Suikoden games are outstanding, to say the least, offering a grander, overarching narrative and a bunch of compelling sidequests as well. It is advisable to try out the HD Remaster of both the Suikoden titles.

4) Dragon Quest 11 (2017)


The Dragon Quest series was the flag bearer of the turn-based JRPG revolution. Among all the entries, Dragon Quest 11 has the most sophisticated turn-based combat system, which gives gamers much freedom when optimizing their party members with the most lethal combination possible.

This is a unique title within the Dragon Quest franchise, as the game doesn’t get boring even after replaying it many times. Furthermore, there are Easter Eggs to be found throughout the storyline of Dragon Quest 11.

5) I am Setsuna (2016)


I am Setsuna has got everything that a turn-based JRPG fan would desire. From a team of three to four customizable characters and supernatural abilities to a journey across an enchanting land and well-polished turn-based combat.

Meandering through I am Setsuna’s storyline is a pleasant experience filled with soothing piano music, detailed graphics, and turn-based team battles. So, trying this title out will undoubtedly shape you up for the One Piece Odyssey next week.

Which among these JRPG titles are you considering checking out?

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