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5 Twitch streamers who forgot that their camera was on

Image Credits: r/sodapoppin,
Image Credits: r/sodapoppin,
Rishabh B.
Modified 24 Aug 2020, 20:27 IST

There are a plethora of moments and incidents where streamers have ended up making fools of themselves. The most common mistake they make is forgetting to turn off the camera.

There are many incidents where influencers have been caught saying or doing embarrassing things because they had no idea that their camera was on! While some were embarrassing, others have been less pleasant.

In this article, we look at a few such influencers who met this unfortunate fate!

Five Twitch streamers who forgot that their camera was on


A former World of Warcraft streamer, Sodapoppin also streams other games like Overwatch. He also used to stream online gambling on various casino websites. The content creator is known for his hilarious and witty personality.

In this incident, he ended up being live for around two minutes, in which he appeared to be checking his computer's setting. He went on to whisper some 'hellos' on his mic rather animatedly, before finally realizing what had happened.

You can watch the incident below:



Ninja might not primarily be a Twitch streamer anymore, but his time on the platform has led to some hilarious moments. Once, he accidentally began streaming early in the morning, and looked to have been crying for hours.

However, when his friend called to enquire what was going on, the American said that he hadn’t been crying, and it was only a hangover he had been nursing!

The second time this happened was when he again started streaming by mistake, and could be seen greeting his wife's friend, completely unaware that he was live!



OMGchad is primarily a Minecraft streamer who ended up going live without any fault of his own. He was sleeping when his camera suddenly turned on. However, viewers quickly spotted his cat playing with the camera equipment.

As it turns out, the feline had managed to switch on the camera when he was sleeping. The stream went on for around ten minutes before a friend of the streamer decided to call him and tell him about the incident. He can be seen getting up sleepily to switch off the stream towards the end of the clip.


Dakotaz is a highly-skilled Fortnite player who has around 3.5 million followers on the platform. In this incident, he appears to be highly intoxicated, and decides to sleep without turning off his camera! Of course, in the state that Dakotaz was in, he could not be expected to remember such a trivial thing.

Users can see him struggling to keep his head up for some time, before passing out and finally collapsing on the table. The struggle lasts around a minute and a half, before he eventually falls asleep!



In another rather famous incident, Nadexe forgot to turn off his camera before going to the other room. The streamer eventually got banned permanently for this incident. What happened was he returned to the game with his girlfriend, and the two could be heard getting intimate in the background.

What is interesting is that Nadex was a hugely popular streamer, and until that point, people thought he would go on to become the next big Twitch streamer. Furthermore, he only recently, i.e., on 22nd August, posted an apology video addressing Twitch regarding the incident.

In the video, Nadex blames himself, saying that he could have been huge if he was able to continue his streaming career on the platform, and added that he thoroughly regrets making those mistakes.

You can watch the apology below:.

Published 24 Aug 2020, 20:27 IST
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