5 most underrated Roblox games in 2022

Underappreciated games needing more love (Image via Roblox Corporations)
Underappreciated games needing more love (Image via Roblox Corporations)
Brady Meyers

Roblox is packed with games that thousands of users flock to. Sometimes, a game’s fame comes from friends inviting friends. Other times, the popularity comes from social media or famous YouTubers.

It’s for those reasons criminally underrated Roblox games get swept aside, ignored, or simply don’t catch on as well as they should. Mainstream games can have that kind of effect on arguably better experiences.

Push aside games like Adopt Me! or Tower of Hell and try one or all of the entries below.

Five Roblox games that fly under the radar in 2022

5) Polybattle


Arsenal is hands down one of the funnest games to play. It’s fast, snappy, simple to understand, and matches never drag on. However, Arsenal often feels too chaotic. This is where Polybattle excels.

Rather than the sole objective being to rack up kills, Polybattle gives players the goal of capturing flags around the map. It’s a lot like Battlefield. There are even vehicles and different classes to play.

4) Journey to the Sun


If there’s one genre Roblox is oversaturated with, other than anime games, it’s obstacle courses or “obby.” It’s a guarantee that every user plays Tower of Hell at least a few times. But most obbies lack mood and a story — even fewer lack music.

Journey to the Sun accomplishes being a great obby, has beautiful music, an interesting world to explore, and an actual story. As the chosen one, users keep the sun nice and bright by finding Sacred Flames. Without them, the Sid, the Dark One, will send the world into darkness.

3) Assassin!


Breaking Point is one of the most popular games on Roblox, but its gameplay is painfully simple. It’s fun the first few rounds, maybe even a tad addicting, but it never sticks around for long. Enter Assassin!

This game is essentially Breaking Point done in an arguably better way. Rather than waiting around for gamers to fight one another, everyone is in it for themselves.

As assassins, they will have to hunt others while simultaneously staying alive and surviving. Also, unlike Breaking Point, it’s far easier to get friends involved in Assassin!

2) Ballista


Why run around as a modern soldier with guns when being a knight is so much cooler? Ballista takes the same gameplay beats as modern first-person shooters and swaps them for swords and bows. Two teams fight over objectives that must be captured to win.

The fun part is the classes users can try out, such as archers, at-arms, and swordsmen. Each provides a significant role like ranged damage, frontline, or defensive.

1) Body


Body is a mystery horror game mixed with a fair bit of exploration. Rumors have been spreading about a dead body in the nearby abandoned hospital. The player has to investigate, and finding the body is the ultimate objective. But something is lurking about.

Body does horror a bit differently than popular Roblox games. It doesn’t have excessive jump scares but is more subtle than that. Much of its horror comes from the environment, likely why Body is overlooked for games like Dead Silence.

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