50 funniest Discord names to keep in 2022

50 suggestions for best funny names (Image via Discord)
50 suggestions for best funny names (Image via Discord)

Discord is a fun place to hang out with friends as users can avail themselves of various features of the platform. These features include essential functions like texting, sharing media, voice calling, and video chatting.

Furthermore, one can join several community discussions, find strangers with similar interests (gaming, music, movies, education, et cetera), watch streams, and many more.

As mentioned earlier, users can join various servers based on their liking. However, they need to showcase some social skills by actively participating in a conversation to stand out in a public chat.

However, a funny username on the platform is a big help, and one can find 50 suggestions for the same in the following section of today's article.

Suggestions for funny Discord names in 2022

Here are 50 suggestions that users can keep on the platform:

  1. BattlestarGalactica
  2. ShaggyTheInvincible
  3. CookieEater
  4. MovieManiac
  5. HitMan47
  6. DogeMon
  7. BabaYaga
  8. NoobLord
  9. DeLeTeD__UsEr
  10. [email protected]
  11. UsernameLoading....
  12. Not_A_SnowFlake
  13. Yagami_is_Kira
  14. Irony_King
  15. Sarcastic_Normie
  16. DankLord_b9
  17. DoggDad
  18. KittieLover
  19. MrKnight
  20. Komedian
  21. KingSlayer
  22. Jon_Snow
  23. Simba_TheLionKing
  24. Sorcerer_Inferior
  25. Expecto_Patronum
  26. Wingardium_LeviosAAAA
  27. TheMuggleKing
  28. Rem_TheShinigami
  29. VoldemortThePeasant
  30. Chad-Man
  31. KomedyKing
  32. I_m_notVengeance
  33. BabyShark_dodododo
  34. SoundDoctor
  35. KomedyWarrior
  36. Stonks_Are_High
  37. CookieWarrior
  38. Obi-Wan
  39. Chewbacca_is_here
  40. R2-D2_Processing....
  41. MemeKing
  42. I_Am_Groot
  43. CapSnap
  44. Winter_is_not_Coming
  45. Khaleesi
  46. Mother_of_Dragons
  47. Cat-Mom
  48. CatsAreBest
  49. Typing.....
  50. Super-Simp

How to change the username on Discord?

One can change their names multiple times (Image via Discord)
One can change their names multiple times (Image via Discord)

Users can follow the steps given below to change their name on the platform:

  • Step 1: Open the application on the smartphone or use a browser to log in. Users can tap the link here for the same.
  • Step 2: Spot the "user settings" icon and tap on the same.
  • Step 3: In the user settings, access the "My Account" tab.
  • Step 4: Users can spot "username," where they can tap on "edit."
  • Step 5: One can paste or fill the new username in the given box and fill in the current password to make the changes.

Users can repeat the process multiple times to tweak their name on Discord. They can copy the desired username from the suggestions given above.

Nitro plan perks (Image via Discord)
Nitro plan perks (Image via Discord)

However, if users want to customize their tags, they can upgrade to the Nitro plan. It comes with two of the following subscription plans, which can be purchased using Credit Card or PayPal:

  • US$ 99.99 per year
  • US$ 9.99 per month

After upgrading to Nitro, users get access to multiple profiles, sticker packages, longer messages, bigger uploads, and many more alongside customization options for profile and video call backgrounds.

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