6 Animal Crossing: New Horizon glitches that still work (April 2022)

Dodo Airlines has a glitch (Image via Nintendo)
Dodo Airlines has a glitch (Image via Nintendo)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, like many games, has glitches. Many of these have existed since before the 2.0 update, but have not yet been patched. In all likelihood, Nintendo either didn't know about them or just didn't see a reason to fix them.

Some of them can be advantageous, like being able to keep a villager in boxes until someone is ready to invite them to their island. Others are just funny, like villagers moving their lips without speaking.

Here are a few that are still active.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons glitches that still occur

6) Friend island spawn

Hi, everyone! Has anyone else been delighted to see maple leaves falling? They're so fun! Mr. Nook thinks the season will last a week or so, so now's the time to collect them. I've even heard of folks scooping them out of the sky with a net! Ooh, think of the DIY projects...

When visiting a friend's island or vice versa, there is a slight chance that all fish, bugs and deep-sea creatures will stop spawning after a while. Even bait won't get players anything.

This can also happen with event items like maple leaves, snowflakes, or cherry blossoms.

This glitch doesn't have a specific trigger or a way to fix it, so players should simply be aware of the possibility of it happening.

5) Infinite box glitch

Villager in boxes (Image via Nintendo)
Villager in boxes (Image via Nintendo)

This glitch can be accessed through the use of time travel. Players can warp back to the very beginning of the day-5.00 AM-when the villager that is moving out is in boxes.

When this happens, the next day cannot start. If gamers do it endlessly, the villagers will be stuck in boxes indefinitely. This is a fun glitch, but can also be useful to let another player get the villager before they leave.

4) Villager shadow glitch

Planning a new trip ✈️ He’s the best employee every month πŸ™ŒπŸ»βœ¨ Happy to flight with Dodo Airlines πŸ˜„β€”#ACNH #ACNHUpdate #AnimalCrossing #NintendoSwitch

If an Animal Crossing player shifts their camera down to the lowest level next to Dodo Airport when a special visitor is about to exit, gamers will see them from outside the building.

When the villager finally leaves the building, their character will look like they are permanently in the shadows.

3) Redeem Nook Miles, Nook Miles+ Bug


This bug can only be exploited when Animal Crossing players have the 'Redeem Nook Miles' challenge in the Nook Miles+ app. To activate the glitch, they will need to call the rescue service five times and let Resetti take 100 Nook Miles from them.

Resetti will then give players a list of places to go, but players shouldn't choose one. Instead, press cancel. Players would then be awarded some free Nook Miles.

2) Shirtless glitch

Changing clothes (Image via Nintendo)
Changing clothes (Image via Nintendo)

When one Animal Crossing player is changing their appearance using a mirror or vanity, another player may walk into the room at the same time. If this happens, the changing gamer's shirt may disappear and leave a black or dark gray band on their chest. This will happen for both male and female avatars.

1) Flick/Lazy villager speaking glitch

When players choose the 'I've got a bug to sell!' option while talking to Flick, he will not speak Animalese when he shouts "WHAT KIND?!" However, the glitch is that his mouth will move as if he is speaking.

The same bug can also occur if players suddenly wake up a lazy villager while they are napping. The Animal Crossing villager will be concerned and confused and will ramble on with no noise coming out.

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