Animal Crossing: Does New Horizons have cheats?

Animal Crossing. Image via The New Yorker
Animal Crossing. Image via The New Yorker

Animal Crossing is a pretty straight-forward game. There's no real progression or levels or completion status, so making progress is a bit different. There's no XP either, so it's really just a game to do things rather than a game to "beat" or pass levels.

With games that do have those things, there are often secrets and cheats to help players get there faster. Sometimes they're features added to the game and other times it's a glitch or something that players happened to discover. Animal Crossing may not have normal progression, but there are some cheats in the game nonetheless. Here are some of the more useful ones.

Cheats in Animal Crossing

1) The Time Travel Cheat

The Time Travel Cheat is a fairly simple one, but it has some really useful applications. The premise is simple: since Animal Crossing follows the real-life time schedule, changing the time on the Nintendo Switch console will result in changing the time in the game. One use of this is to do the art museum cheat.

Time Travel. Image via YouTube
Time Travel. Image via YouTube

The Art Museum cheat involves changing the time one day at a time until Redd shows up on the island. Talk to him once he does, save, quit and close the software completely. On the Switch, make sure "Synchronize Clock via Internet" is turned off. Change the date and time to go only one day ahead and go back into Animal Crossing. Find Redd, talk to him again and he'll have a brand new inventory.

Art museum. Image via YouTube
Art museum. Image via YouTube

2) Turnip Cheat

Selling turnips is the best way to make a lot of bells, but it is a little bit difficult to control. Here, a friend will be needed. This friend will need to monitor their islands turnip prices, and if they're good, a player should purchase a lot from their own island, travel to the friends island and sell them there. Simply time travel back once the turnips are sold and repeat the process. Traveling through time with turnips will cause them to rot, though.

3) Bell rocks

Each island will have many rocks on them that can be hit for resources. One rock, though, has bells instead of resources. Digging holes behind, above and below wherever the player is standing will allow them to hit the rock up to 8 times for 16,400 bells a day.

Which cheat is the best one in New Horizons?

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