Animal Crossing: Villager brought to court for fraudulent paintings after being caught "Redd-handed"

Redd in Animal Crossing. Image via Nintendo Life
Redd in Animal Crossing. Image via Nintendo Life

There are many different villagers in Animal Crossing. They play many roles and live on islands with players. Some sell things, and others just live on the island and do various activities for and with the players.

One villager, Redd, owns several small businesses, one of which involves the selling of paintings. Redd makes a profit by notoriously over-charging customers and has developed quite a reputation.

Most Animal Crossing players hate Redd. He's probably the most hated villager, though it's not as universal as it may seem. Some who like him would like to see his popularity rise, as difficult as that may be.

However, given his shady reputation and overall disdain from the players, it makes perfect sense that one player has finally had enough of Redd and his shady business practices.

Animal Crossing player sues Redd

Redd has long been suspected of selling fake paintings. Given his overwhelmingly negative reputation and tendency to overcharge in every business, there's little doubt among players that Redd has sold them fake paintings.

After all, what better way to make profits than to pay for paint and canvas and sell it as if it were a famous piece?

Redditor Rigel04 decided enough was enough. Redd went on to face court for his wrongdoing. He designed the courtroom and invited all the villagers, including Blathers, to be the prosecutor. One commenter summed up how most of the Animal Crossing community feels about Redd.

While Redd has seen his day in court, more or less, it's highly unlikely he's learned his lesson. It's going to take a lot more than one court session to scare Redd out of his shady business practices.

He makes most of his profit by defrauding his customers, and that's not likely to change any time soon. As the only resident art salesman, Redd has cornered the market on art sales, forcing players to do business with him. It's a foolproof plan, really. Hopefully for players, Redd will eventually come around.

Some players believe Redd only sells fake. Image via Reddit
Some players believe Redd only sells fake. Image via Reddit

Redd is considered the worst villager by a wide margin. Perhaps now more players will stop putting up with Redd and take him to court as well. He might have learned his lesson. For now, he's the notoriously shady villager that every Animal Crossing player wishes they didn't have to put up with.

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