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8 Characters that would be perfect for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Gautam Nath
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12 Jun 2019, 20:30 IST

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been one of the best selling games in one of the best selling consoles this generation - the Nintendo Switch. It featured a roster larger than any other Smash Bros. game and it was a really great list too.

Nintendo just revealed new characters last night at their Nintendo Direct at E3. Five potential characters from the Dragon Quest 9 game are set to be featured in the game though it's unclear if it's one character with 4 avatars or 5 separate characters.

Smash Bros Ultimate will also be getting Banjo Kazooie, a dual hero who comes from the Banjo Kazooie series of puzzle games.

But there are still so many potential and popular characters from across many Nintendo series that can still be featured. Some of these characters are so good on their own it's a wonder why they didn't make the cut into the game.

Here are 8 characters that we'd like to see in Smash Bros Ultimate that would be a perfect fit in the game.

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#8. Bomberman

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Bomberman was a series of maze-based games that was originally released for the NES in 1987. Super Bomberman R was released in 2017 after over a decade of not seeing the classic character.

He might be a bit slow for the game but he'll be very fun to play. We've had enough sword-wielding characters already, it's time to show some ranged characters some love.


#7. Namakubi

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In 1991, an obscure game for the NES titled Zombie Nation was released. It was all kinds of weird. An alien crashes into the Earth and turns people into zombies. It's up to you to stop it. Who are you? A floating disembodied head of a samurai called Namakubi.

Namakubi in the game had options to upgrade his arsenal. He can have all kinds of creative moves and it would also look hilarious to see a floating head smashing characters.

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