Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf: Are the two Twitch stars dating?

Image via Aiden Ross & Corinna Kopf
Image via Aiden Ross & Corinna Kopf

Since Corinna Kopf started playing GTA with Adin Ross, a well-known 2k Streamer, rumors of a possible relationship between them have been circulating.

As a result of these rumors, both streamers have gained massive visibility and clout. After a week, Adin Ross acquired nearly 76,000 followers, while Corinna Kopf has been trending almost weekly on Twitter. With how much they’ve been on the news, it is clear that they have only benefited from these rumors.

Corinna Kopf and Adin Ross do not do anything to quell the rumors that fuel the speculation. In the videos below, you'll see them acting as if they are a couple: from kissing to Corinna revealing that Aiden had spent the night with her.



Adin Ross adamantly denies any kind of relationship between Corinna Kopf and himself. When asked why he doesn’t date Corinna, he responds:

“I like her so much as a person that if I were to get into a relationship with her, it could ruin it, you know? Relationships don’t work out online bro, they don’t, I learned that…”

The quote starts at 4:13


Ross has stated that the next time he gets into a relationship, it will be private. It may be that if he and Corinna do get together, they will be able to keep it a secret from their fans.

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Corinna Kopf and Aiden Ross might be flirting just for clout

They are quite romantic for two people who aren't officially dating one another, which has caused two different camps to form in their viewers. People are split between those who believe this is all a ruse or an elaborate scam and those who believe it is real.

They may benefit greatly from being talked about so often by their fans, but they may also be feeling things they don’t want to address. Here is a video of Corinna telling Ross she has feelings for him, but when he is about to reject her, she states that her chat made her say it.


Whether this relationship is romantic, friendship (with feelings), or business, only time will tell. Eventually, fans will catch them if they are just using their friendship and rumors of a relationship for clout. The two haven’t made a move without fans trying to discover how honest their interactions with each other have been.

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