Adin Ross googles his "girlfriend" after rumors of him dating Corinna Kopf get out of control

Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf.
Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf.

Rumors of Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf dating have been spreading on the internet after Ross kissed Kopf in a live stream.

Ross, in a more recent stream, decided to type "Adin Ross current girlfriend” on Google's search bar following the rumors and was left displeased with the results.

Adin Ross has gained a lot of popularity on Twitch since kissing the GTA V and NBA 2K streamer.

The incident got Ross trending on Twitter. Another recent live stream of his featured Corinna Kopf and Julia Rose in a hot tub.

The subsequent hot tub stream was taken up by the internet as proof of the two being together.


Adin Ross googles his current girlfriend, is left stunned by articles that pop up

“I am not dating Corinna bro! She’s just really my really good friend, bro! The internet is just weird bro.”

Ross has shut down the rumors and said that the two are only good friends.

In his latest stream, Adin Ross was displeased with other happenings as well. He spoke about the articles that dealt with the recent Twitter exchange he had with a fan.

A fan recently called him a “scammer” for not updating his stream timings properly. Ross appeared to be of the opinion that such news was not worthy of coverage.

“Why though? Bro people really make articles on this shit? Like come on! No way someone wrote an article for me, for this tweet. You guys are weird as fuck bro!” he said.

Adin Ross then spent quite a few minutes trying to understand how the “Famous Birthdays” website worked before giving up towards the end.

“I don’t really care!” he exclaimed.

Adin Ross currently has over 728k followers on Twitch.


He also confirmed recently that he had broken up with his former girlfriend, Stacey Gould. The two are still on friendly terms.

The same appears to be true of his relationship with Corinna Kopf. They're nothing more than friends.

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