"I don't owe you guys sh*t": Twitch Streamer Adin Ross breaks down after fans label him a "Scammer"

Image via Twitch
Image via Twitch

Adin Ross is a popular streamer who usually streams GTA V on Twitch. He's recently been in the limelight because of his stream with model and internet celebrity Corrina Kopf.

Adin Ross has approximately 627k followers on his Twitch profile.


Fans label Adin Ross a scammer

One of Ross' fans recently labeled him a scammer. This was because he failed to update fans about his streams. The label got him to lash out, saying he didn't owe his fan base anything.

He admitted to being annoyed and went on to say that he wouldn't be going live unless it was his own setup.

His initial statement brought up a very important question. Do streamers owe anything to their fan base?

Adin Ross' fans had a mixed reaction to this entire ordeal. Some said that he didn't owe anything. Others believed that he owed them proper updates and explanations.

Here are a few responses on Twitter:

Every popular streamer owes a debt of gratitude to their fans. A little update about when they're planning to go live wouldn't really hurt.

However, fans also need to understand that the streamers are humans, and streaming is a very tedious task. They also need a break from every now and then. Both parties need to understand each other to coexist peacefully.

A few of his fans went on to admit that Adin Ross has done a lot for his fans, including setting up a GTA server for them.

Calling someone a scammer because he doesn't provide updates is a little ludicrous. Fans and streamers need to find ways to communicate with each other. There has been far too much toxicity within the streaming community recently.

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