After more than 3 months, future DLC plan of Battlefield 2042 is still uncertain

Battlefield 2042 is yet to announce a DLC (Image via Sportskeeda)
Battlefield 2042 is yet to announce a DLC (Image via Sportskeeda)

Battlefield 2042 has been one of the poorest releases in 2021, and the scope for the game being improved keeps reducing day by day.

The latest installment of the Battlefield series came after three years. DICE and EA have created a lot of hype, and fans were quite excited. More importantly, the multiplayer-only game promised to make it a fair and entertaining battlefield for all the players.


Sadly, things have flowed from bad to worse for fans and developers alike. However, games do get post-release content in the form of DLCs, mostly done to make up for the misses.

These DLCs vary between free and paid and are not uncommon today. Much to the disappointment of the Battlefield 2042 players, there's no glimmer of hope in this regard as well.

Battlefield 2042 is yet to release a single DLC-based announcements

As mentioned before, DLCs are an essential part of modern games as not every aspect can be polished and delivered simultaneously. Upcoming games like Dying Light 2 have already given out an ambitious roadmap, and such additions are significant.

Reliable industry insider Tom Henderson has pointed out how Battlefield 2042 has already completed ten weeks post its release. Nor was there ever any roadmap, nor have there been any hints as well.

For five other games, this would have been fine, but not for Battlefield 2042. Given how many problems the game has and how empty it feels, there should be some DLCs, preferably free.

Why does Battlefield 2042 need DLCs?

When a game is a finished product, it's acceptable to skip DLCs traditionally (although that's not the case). When it comes to the Battlefield series, there's a massive gulf between what was promised and what was delivered.


For starters, there are no campaigns, so the game revolves around its multiplayer. The multiplayer feels empty and has severe issues like bugs and glitches. There's also a problem with the network timeout and the case with both cheaters and the anti-cheat itself.

Then comes the central issue of less than satisfying gameplay. Call of Duty Vanguard is by no means a perfect game, but it feels like a GOTY contender compared to Battlefield 2042. Basic things like gunplay feel suboptimal, and there are issues related to noise generation and map rendering at times.

EA Sports have reportedly been discussing making the game free-to-play. But going down that road will not improve the quality of the existing product. The primary issue with the game isn't its price point but the quality on offer.

The game badly needs DLCs to make things right. But as things stand, the game is moving towards a future where its fate itself looks highly uncertain.