After ItsAGundam, 'simps' target TwizzFizz's 'Twitch Thot Anthem'

Image Credits: TwizzFizz/ Twitter
Image Credits: TwizzFizz/ Twitter
Modified 27 Sep 2020

In today's era of streaming, the word 'simp' has become notoriously infamous. It often refers to males who are overly submissive to female streamers or e-girls, with the hope of receiving some form of romantic attention in return.

The simp phenomenon is on the rise on social media platforms such as Twitch, where female personalities like Pokimane and Belle Delphine are known to command massive and often toxic simp armies.

With regard to the former, her simps have been one of the major points of criticism against her, as they often end up being ridiculed across social media. Pokimane is also known for her controversy with fellow YouTuber ItsAGundam, where she had threatened to go after his sponsors. Her feud with him also led to several of her fans false flagging and reporting his videos.

While their feud seems to have died down for the time being, another content creator known as TwizzFizz recently had one of her videos taken down by YouTube.

A vocal critic of Pokimane and simps in general, the aforementioned video in question is one by TwizzFizz, which is titled 'Twitch Thot Anthem', and is a parody of the toxic e-girl x simp relationship.

The simp phenomenon ft. Twitch

TwizzFizz is known for her parody videos, where she often cosplays and takes jibes at so-called simp armies of notable female Twitch streamers such as Pokimane and Alinity.

Her video was recently false-flagged, and she assumed that it must have been one of the simps who may have been incensed at her Twitch Thot anthem, which mocks them and throws shade at their respective 'simp queens.'

Her post was also retweeted by ItsAGundam, who drew parallels with the simp armies who attacked him during his feud with Pokimane:

TwizzFizz's recent video takedown led to several reactions from the online community, who went on to blame the simps:

However, TwizzFizz recently took to Twitter to announce that YouTube has now reinstated her video:

While TwizzFizz's video may have been restored, the battle lines appear to be more distinct than ever as the war against the simps continues to rage on.

Published 27 Sep 2020
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