All EA FC 24 Festival of Football Update patch notes

The latest title update will soon be live (Image via EA Sports)
The latest title update will soon be live (Image via EA Sports)

EA Sports has released comprehensive information about the EA FC 24 Festival of Football Update, giving gamers some insight into the new game modes and features arriving in the game. This update is a celebration of the upcoming Euros and Copa America tournaments, two of the biggest competitions in the world of international football.

Not only does the patch introduce new offline game modes, but there will also be plenty of Ultimate Team content and gameplay changes, including a brand new celebration and a new skill move. This makes the EA FC 24 Festival of Football Update even more exciting.

The EA FC 24 Festival of Football Update will be released soon

The EA FC 24 Festival of Football Update covers all aspects of the game, from offline tournament modes to live content in Ultimate Team. The developers have even added a new skill move called the Double Touch Lane Change, as well as a custom celebration for Premier League Team of the Season superstar Cole Palmer.

These are the changes included in the EA FC 24 Festival of Football update across various modes:

Ultimate Team

There will be multiple promo rosters released in Ultimate Team over the course of the international football summer, including Path to Glory cards and Greats of the Game. The latter are Path to Glory versions of Icons and Heroes, which also receive upgrades based on their team's performance.

There will also be a new loan card type introduced in Ultimate Team. Unlike the usual match-based loans, these Global loans will be available for a specific period and will be removed from their club at the end of the duration. This could potentially resemble the World Cup cards from FIFA 23, which were used to complete in-game objectives.

UEFA Euro 2024 Mode

The EA FC 24 Festival of Football update will include the UEFA Euro 2024 Mode, which includes both kickoff and tournament modes. Kickoff will now feature all 24 qualified teams, along with nine authentic stadiums, allowing gamers to replicate the real-life sport. There is also a tournament mode for gamers to either partake in the actual event or rewrite history and customize the participating nations.

There is also a player career mode-inspired version which provides players with the ultimate Euro experience. They can either create a custom player or step into the shoes of an actual athlete to lead their nation to glory at the biggest stage, earning skills and PlayStyles along the way to improve their abilities.

The EA FC 24 Festival of Football Update will also include a new feature called the European Journey, where gamers will have to complete themed challenges across various game modes to unlock exciting rewards.

Additional Updates

The EA FC 24 Festival of Football Update also features some gameplay-based changes, including a new skill move called Double Touch Lane Change. To perform this maneuver, you will require a four-star skill. Simply hold L2 on the PlayStation or LT on the Xbox, while also holding the right stick left or right.

To improve the authenticity and realism of the game's depiction, EA Sports has added Cole Palmer's signature celebration to the game, as well as multiple new star-heads for some of the biggest names in the sport.

There are also some new additions to the Manager career mode and Pro Clubs. The youth prospect system has been updated, and managers will now be able to scout prospects with 90+ potential and seven PlayStyles. These players will go on to develop two PlayStyle+ traits in the future.

The developers have also provided a double XP multiplier for every game played in the mode, allowing gamers to level up faster.

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