All possible Jungle Pet changes arriving in League of Legends patch 14.2

League of Legends patch 14.2 jungle pet changes
League of Legends patch 14.2 jungle pet changes (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends patch 14.2 is right around the corner, and apart from champion balance updates, Riot Games is looking to make some changes to the jungle. Jungle Pets will be up for a significant number of tweaks in the coming patch, as the healing they do will increase quite a bit. However, to balance it, the epic monster base damage cap will be reduced.

Patch 14.2 will be aimed at dealing with some of the outliers that were introduced in Season 14. Many champions are on the nerf and buff list this time around, along with changes to the ranked system.

With the next update, Riot will be looking to make the ranked demotion threshold more lenient and help players stay in the rank tier that best reflects their skill.

Below are the changes the devs have planned for Jungle Pets in League of Legends patch 14.2.

League of Legends patch 14.2 jungle pet changes

Before moving on to the Jungle Pet changes that Riot has planned so far, it’s important to note that the developers will first be trying out the new tweaks in the League of Legends PBE test servers. Hence, there can be significant changes between the planned changes below and what the developers actually ship with the official update next week.

Pet Jungle Changes

  • Heal increased from 12 - 35 to 14 - 37
  • Epic monster base damage cap reduced from 16 - 40 to 15.5
  • Epic monster damage cap is now affected by the normal health, AP, AD, and resist ratios
  • URF treat breakpoints reduced from 20 and 40 to 10 and 20

As URF is making a return with patch 14.2, pets will be receiving some changes in the upcoming alternate game mode as well.

The Jungle in Summoner’s Rift has received a significant number of changes with patch 14.1. So it’s not all that surprising why the devs are looking to shift things around to balance the role for the new competitive season.

It will be quite interesting to see how junglers will be affected once the pet changes go live.

When is League of Legends patch 14.2 releasing?

League of Legends patch 14.2 will go live on Wednesday, January 24, 2024. It will be introducing the Lunar New Year event and the new ADC, Smolder.

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