Amazon Games reveal New World roadmap for 2022 in Dev Update, contains new expeditions, weapons and more

The game's roadmap has been revealed in Dev Update (Image via Amazon Games)
The game's roadmap has been revealed in Dev Update (Image via Amazon Games)

The player count of New World has been a significant area of concern for Amazon Games. Post the incredibly successful launch of nearly a million concurrent players, the game's player count has steadily declined. To address this problematic situation, Amazon Games has created a new development roadmap for 2022 and beyond. Based on the roadmap, new regions, expeditions, and maps will arrive in the game throughout the year.


The Heart of Madness content update will arrive in March after conducting a public test earlier this month. Once the update arrives, the main questline will be coming to an end. There will also be a new endgame expedition in the form of Tempest's Heart. Additionally, the Blunderbuss weapon is also set to arrive, which is bound to encourage a new gameplay style. However, March will be the beginning of many new additions set to arrive for the remainder of the year.

Amazon Games is set to release new content in New World year-round

Summer will likely bring another endgame expedition, granting players more content and playing time after completing the main questline. There could be a chance for players to get different features and summer events to keep them engaged.

Autumn will possibly see the appearance of Brimstone Sands, a new desert biome within the game that will introduce a new culture belonging to the area with dedicated additions. The Ennead expedition will also present a great degree of difficult endgame challenges to the players and will be the game's third major expedition when it eventually arrives.


Autumn will also see the arsenal of New World players increase in the form of a new Broadsword weapon. There will also be leaderboards for PvE and PvP, along with seasonal events which will be titled 'Nightvale Hallow' and 'Turkulon 2022.'

We're excited to share our 2022 Roadmap with you - and this is just the beginning!Which season are you hyped for?

These additions will be part of the core content set to come into the game in 2022. Besides these, there are likely to be a lot of bug fixes and game optimizations along the way, according to Amazon Games.

Are the future content additions to New World significant?

In a nutshell, the upcoming additions will be crucial for the game's playability. New World opened with nearly a million concurrent players when it launched towards the end of 2021. However, that impressive number has fallen rapidly over the last few months.

It is not that Amazon Games hasn't added content to the game, but moreso that the added content has failed to impress fans. Amazon Games will hope that the additions planned for 2022 will help appease their playerbase, with their first goal being to ensure that Heart of Madness wins over fans in March.

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