Which New World server is best for Indian players?

New World (Image via New World)
New World (Image via New World)
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Amazon Games' entry into the fantasy MMORPG genre has been a successful venture. Their latest title New World drops players onto a cursed island, and players are required to gather resources and craft equipment to survive and fight in PvE and PvP.

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The game has caught the eye of innumerable players with its gorgeous graphics, interesting inter-weaving content, and chaotic fights for survival. Co-oping with friends is one of the most exciting ways to explore Aeternum Island. With more players joining the community every day, server issues like high ping rates and long queue times have persisted for some time now.

This article focuses on what servers are, at the moment, best for Indian players to log onto for a proper New World experience.

For Indian players, New World server choices seem to be few

At launch, New World had five server regions available: Australia, East Coast of the United States, Europe, South America, and West Coast of the United States. With nearly 700,000 concurrent players on release, the servers soon buckled as only 2000 players were allowed to connect simultaneously on each server. Amazon responded by adding newer servers and increasing the cap. Yet, the server issues have continued to annoy the players.

A message from the New World Team regarding launch, world queues, and character transfers.

At the moment, the best servers for the Indian players of New World available are EU Central and AP Southwest. The pings for the respective servers are around 170-230ms for most players.

Ping in New World (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ping in New World (Image via Sportskeeda)

For Indian players, Europe Central from the very beginning had been the one with the lowest ping as can be seen in this reddit article. The official New World forums have also seen a number of posts from disgruntled Indian players regarding server regions and ping issues.

Common issues while playing with around 200 pings include losing PvP battles, delayed responses, switching of weapons, and lagging movements and abilities. In a game like New World, these split second decisions are vital.

With the expanding Indian base and New World's own growth, players are hoping that Amazon will provide servers for players in India. A helpful suggestion in the forum has been to make a South East Indian Peninsula region. Until then, these servers will have to suffice for those looking to colonize the island of New World.

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