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Among Us crossplay details and console information

(Image Credit: Steam)
(Image Credit: Steam)
Modified 29 Sep 2020, 03:17 IST

Among Us doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and players want to know how they can play alongside any of their friends. Though Among Us may not be out on consoles right now or in the direct future, it may be far easier to play with anyone at the moment than one might think.

Over two years ago, Among Us was released, and it wasn't until relatively recently that the game started to really explode with players. After some exposure from streamers and the like, players caught on to the fun that the game really had in store for everyone. Now players want to play with others in any way they can.

Among Us crossplay details

(Image Credit: Steam)
(Image Credit: Steam)

Right now, Among Us is absent from consoles but it is still readily available to play elsewhere. The first option is to play on PC. Among Us on PC is available to play through Steam or The second option for Among Us is to play through a mobile device, which includes both Apple and Android devices.

The best part is those platforms are already crossplay available. There isn't a convoluted process either. All that needs to be done is have one player host a local or multiplayer match, regardless of the platform they are on. From there, friends can join and the game can start.

Among Us on console?

There is a whole community of players at the ready who want a console port, and there is no doubt that Among Us would be incredibly successful on console platforms. Recently it was announced that Among Us 2 would be cancelled as the popularity for Among Us grew to new heights. Instead of creating a whole new game and splitting the player base, developer InnerSloth will focus on updating and catering to the Among Us game that is available now.


That is great news for players looking forward to a console port, because they can focus their resources on features like console ports and such. However, that doesn't mean it will happen, and even if it does, it won't be an easy task for InnerSloth.

During a live stream, Forest Willard, who is one of the developers of Among Us, discussed what it would take to get a console port out to the players. In some of the quotes from Inverse, Willard stated that they'd need to figure out a way to get comms implemented to console. Willard stated at one point, "We'd have to write a system for quick comms." In other words, they'll need to build more themselves for an Among Us console port before it can simply be released.

Published 29 Sep 2020, 03:17 IST
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