Top 5 Among Us streamers to watch

Among Us was released in 2018 but only rose to popularity this year (Image Credit: InnerSloth)
Among Us was released in 2018 but only rose to popularity this year (Image Credit: InnerSloth)
Modified 24 Sep 2020
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Among Us is a game that is based far more on fun rather than raw competitive skill. It was released in 2018 without any of the hype that it has now, and it went a couple of years before garnering a ton of attention. The murder mystery game became an instant hit once it caught on to enough people.

Since Among Us isn't a game that requires raw competitive skill, many of the top streams have been varied and based on the fun factor of the game. For anyone looking to find a new Among Us stream to watch, here are 5 streamers who are entertaining to watch.

Top 5 Among Us streamers to watch

#5 - TimTheTatman

(Image Credit: EssentiallySports)
(Image Credit: EssentiallySports)

TimTheTatman isn't an Among Us only stream. Tim doesn't even focus on it as his main game. However, TimTheTatman is arguably one of the most entertaining streamers on all of Twitch or YouTube.

Watching Tim is always a guaranteed laugh, and he is known for being the player that is bad in the group in a comedic way. Tim is a lot better at the games he plays than he gets credit for but he embraces the title, and his Among Us streams proved to be a blast.

#4 - Ninja

In the same way as TimTheTatman, Ninja hasn't really taken on Among Us as his main game but he has given it plenty of attention. As usual, Ninja has tried to get better and better as he plays. He always has a competitive eye for a game and plays to win but Among Us is a party game at heart.

It's great to see Ninja in games that aren't pure competition and to see his energy funneled into fun, casual games. As an added benefit, he has a huge pool of people to play with due to his status.

#3 - Trainwreckstv

Popular games have never been the main focus of Trainwreckstv and though he does play them, he's never been the face. With the growth of Among Us, Trainwrecks has become one of the go-to streamers for the game, and his games have become fairly competitive and fun to watch.

#2 - xQc

xQc, the former Overwatch professional player, is the most popular Twitch streamer for Among Us, according to Twitch Metrics. He's very similar to Ninja in energy and in the way in which he finds the competitive nature in games. However, that's where the similarities end.

As one of the top Among Us streamer, xQc has had countless hours of Among Us streamed at this point and is one of the most crafty players to watch.

#1 - Disguised Toast

(Image Credit: YouTube Disguised Toast)
(Image Credit: YouTube Disguised Toast)

While xQc is the top Among Us streamer on Twitch, Disguised Toast is one of the most popular on Youtube. He could even be the most popular Among Us player overall.

Not only is Disguised Toast a great player, but his games are a lot of fun to watch. Then he makes incredibly popular YouTube videos out of the games and in his usual form, his edits make the videos engaging and entertaining. He has is own unique place for Among Us content compared to the twitch streamers, and it is no surprise that he is one of the best.

Published 23 Sep 2020
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