Among Us: Disguised Toast jebaits Pokimane with a 200 IQ move that leaves her speechless 

Disguised Toast recently jebaited Pokimane during an Among Us stream.
Disguised Toast recently jebaited Pokimane during an Among Us stream.
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

InnerSloth's Among Us is currently ruling the roost as it continues to dominate the charts, even after a month.

Its massive success has pretty much ruled out the possibility of it being written off as a temporary fad, as it continues to rake in millions of views.

Everyone from casual gamers to pro streamers such as Ninja, xQc, CouRage JD, several people have all been trying their hands at the game of late, which has resulted in epic collaborations. Featuring a mind-numbing battle between dubious Impostors and helpless Crewmates, Among Us seems to have perfected a hit formula, which has appealed to fans across the globe.

Among Us has also made a star out of Jeremy Wang, aka Disguised Toast, who is currently the most popular streamer to play the game. He is known for his ridiculous 'high IQ' plays, which combined with his Sherlockian detective skills and hilarious quips, makes for an absolutely potent combination.

Recently, he ended up jebaiting popular streamer Imane "Pokimane" Anys and the rest of his Crewmates, when he decided to crack a joke, which involved a certain 'fake dragon'.

Disguised Toast trolls Pokimane and the rest of his Among Us lobby

In the clip which has now gone viral, Disguised Toast suddenly calls an Emergency Meeting, which leaves his crewmates puzzled as to what could possibly be the reason.

Disguised Toast replies in a mock-serious manner:

Okay I'm pretty sure I saw someone fake dragon.......

This immediately prompts a response from his fellow streamers as they wonder what exactly is a 'fake dragon'.

In response, Disguised Toast comes up with a winner of a troll, which proves that he was baiting them all this while:

"Dragging....these n**s on your face!!"

His joke leaves the entire lobby in splits as Disguised Toast ends up having a laughter fit on seeing that his prank proved to be successful.

Check out the hilarious reactions of the entire Among Us lobby in the video below:


With his recent jebait, Disguised Toast sure seems to have pulled off an unforgettable IQ move, as a visibly shocked Pokimane looked on.

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