Among Us is taking over the internet

Image Credits: Steam
Image Credits: Steam

The latest game which seems to have become a fan-favourite is the indie multiplayer party game: Among Us.

While it is not exactly a new release, having been launched in 2018 by American game studio InnerSloth, Among Us has recently witnessed an upsurge on Twitch. Several notable streamers, including Ninja and Pokimane, are all trying their hand the game, which has developed into a hot favourite and resulted in epic collaborations so far:

Among Us is available on Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS, and is set in a fun, space-themed environment where a group of players take on the roles of either a Crewmate or an Impostor.

The result is a fast-paced treacherous ride of deception where a player's convincing skills, friendships and loyalties are tested to the absolute core.

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The rise of Among Us


The primary goal of Among Us lies in the hands of the Crewmates, who have been burdened with the arduous task of identifying the cold-blooded killers, aka The Impostors, in the group. While players have to complete maintenance tasks, the objective of the latter is to deceive the rest of the crew and eliminate each member until they emerge victorious.

Whenever a dead body is discovered on board, a Group Meeting is called, where players discuss who the Impostor is, based on surrounding evidence. Then a vote is taken and whoever falls victim to the majority is eliminated, and has to reveal if he or she was indeed The Impostor.

Image Credits: Polygon
Image Credits: Polygon

Players can also call an Emergency Meeting by pressing a button on the map at any given time. With super fun gameplay to experience, recently, a popular YouTuber called Pegasus decided to make a video on the sudden rise of the game's popularity.

He begins by speaking about Among Us' immense popularity of late:

"Among Us has taken over YouTube and Twitch, it is literally the most played right now. Some popular streamer somewhere found it, played it and everybody caught on. This game deserves the spotlight because it is absolutely fantastic."

Pegasus then proceeds to provide a bit more information about being an Impostor:

"The impostor has got a few tools under his belt, he's got the sabotage button which pretty much forces you to go to a certain room and fix whateve's broken. He can, like, take away your oxygen, he can cause a reactor meltdown, he can close doors, trapping you inside rooms."

He then goes on to list a set of points behind what makes Among Us so popular:

"It requires no mechanical skill at all dude, you don't need to grind for 500 hours like Fortnite, become a master builder, become an aimbot human being, like you don't have to do any of that... you could join the day today and get a dub!"
"It's an extremely social game, it's an ingenious idea, you get 10 people together to just scream at each other and constantly lie and betray each other's friendships, it's awesome! The more people you have, the more fun!"
"It's extremely cheap and is free on mobile as well. Another point is that it is so much better than Fall Guys. Fall Guys was like the extremely popular game just a week ago, but you can't even compare these games cause one is just boring and is being riddled with hackers every single game. People are just getting frustrated, they're looking for something else, something more social."
"Another reason is the clickbait titles... everyone wants to see someone do a big brain play in Among Us. So, pretty much, the social aspect and the fact that humans get to do what they love to do without any guilt... just tricking your closest friend and watching their jaw drop!"

Check out some of the reactions online, as Among Us continues to trend as one of the hottest games on the internet right now:

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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