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Among Us: Top 5 features we want to see

Image Credits: InnerSloth Studios
Image Credits: InnerSloth Studios
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 30 Oct 2020, 18:24 IST

Among Us is a new social deduction game currently sweeping away the internet with its sheer popularity. It was released back in 2018, but the pandemic proved lucky for the developers, InnerSloth, as this game blew away the gaming community once streamers began streaming it on Twitch and YouTube.

Among Us became so popular that the developers scrapped the idea of a sequel and are investing all their effort and skill into making the original better. There are many tweaks required here and there, given that the code is really old, but the team is working on them.

Here are some features that we would like to see in Among Us

#1: Friend/Account System

The first feature we're looking forward to is the friend/account system. Among Us is very random anyway, and the fact that we can play with our friends only over a local network somewhat makes it a complex system.

Not always will we have a good number of friends near us to enjoy a few games together. So, maybe, having an account-based system, with the ability to add friends, would do us a world of good. Allowing friends to join the lobbies we are in at any given point makes things even better.

#2: New Maps

Among Us already features three maps in the current version. But it won't hurt to have a map or two more. Given its popularity, InnerSloth would not be too happy if the game ends up like another Fall Guys.


The community has already said that Among Us has managed to kill Fall Guys, and it would be really disappointing to see this title meet the same fate. To prevent such an issue, a new map would not hurt that much and help the game thrive more.

Based on the dev-log, InnerSloth is currently working on a new map, but when it drops is still a question.

Image Credits : InnerSloth dev-log
Image Credits : InnerSloth dev-log

#3: Skins

Collaborations do a world of good for any game. Very recently, Fortnite collaborated with Marvel, which did give them a good boost monetarily. The community had mixed reactions, but that's a different issue altogether.

For a game like Among Us, a collaboration here and there would be great. It could do with a new set of skins based on the nature of the collab. An individual even posted a doodle on Twitter, showing how Borderland-themed skins would look. And needless to say, it seems good.


#4: New Game Modes

Let's face it, having just one game mode does get boring at times. It's the same old process all over again. Given that the randomness of Among Us keeps the game feeling fresh, it is still bound to stagnate at some point. To prevent this from happening, new game modes need to be introduced.

Hide and Seek is one such mode that the community came up with, and well, it is honestly a fun concept. In this game mode, there's just one Impostor revealed at the very beginning of the game. The Crewmates don't vote here, nor does the Impostor sabotage anything. This mode is all about who is better at hiding.

Here have a look at the rules for yourself:


Follow the above thread to know the entire set of rules. It could be introduced in the game to make it more fun.

#5: Ghost Abilities

For now, we know that the ghosts can just do tasks, but what if we had an option where the ghost could haunt the Impostor in Among Us? No one else can see the spirit except other ghosts. They can travel through walls and any barriers. This ability increases their movement speed, allowing them to complete tasks. So if you're a ghost, help your team by doing the tasks as well.

But the point I'm trying to make here is, the ghosts should be able to hinder the Impostor in some way or the other. Maybe, slow down their ability to sabotage an equipment or slow down their movement speed to a certain extent.

This feature in Among Us would make things a bit more challenging for the Impostor. If not hinder them, they should be able to see the ghosts. It'll be fun for the Crewmate to haunt his/her killer.


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Published 30 Oct 2020, 18:24 IST
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