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Among Us: Tourette's streamer Sweet Anita goes on an expletive-laden rant while reporting a body

Twitch streamer Sweet Anita had a rather unfortunate moment during a recent Among Us stream
Twitch streamer Sweet Anita had a rather unfortunate moment during a recent Among Us stream
Modified 14 Oct 2020, 21:03 IST

Sweet Anita is a popular British YouTuber, with around 817K subscribers on YouTube and 1.1 million followers on Twitch, who has recently taken to streaming InnerSloth's smash-hit, Among Us.

She is afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome and has often spoken about her condition in her videos, and they often result in profanity-laden streams.

Despite this, she has a humorous approach towards her condition and has also released several videos on YouTube under the name 'Tourette Compilations".

She aims at eradicating the stigma associated with her syndrome and focuses on using her condition to educate people:

In addition to interacting with her fans via the 'Just Chatting' feature on Twitch, Sweet Anita can be found streaming games such as Apex Legends, Overwatch and UNO, among others.

Among Us has emerged as one of the top games of the year, and everyone currently seems to be playing the game. Be it casual or pro gamers, the classic Impostor vs Crewmate tale of deception has proved to be a major winner online.

Among Us is especially popular on Twitch and during a recent stream, Sweet Anita had a rather unfortunate bout of Tourette's, which triggered an expletive-laden rant as she struggled to report a dead body.

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Sweet Anita tries to report a body in Among Us

In a recent YouTube video by ninocentx, a clip from her recent Among Us Twitch stream is attached. A dead body is reported in the game, and Sweet Anita attempts to make her case, only to be interrupted by a profane bout of Tourette's.

All it takes is for one of her crewmates to mention that he has finished a task, which sets off a rather uncontrollable tic:

"Wow, could you finish me? I'm sorry can you f**k off? "
"Do you like j**z? I like j**z."

Another crewmate asks, "So where's the body?", to which Anita instantaneously replies:

"Up your ass....Do you like t**s? I f**k, I f**k, I f**k, I f**k......"

As she struggles to regain composure, she also attempts to stifle her laughter as her Among Us crew members are left in splits at her situation, which despite being unfortunate, comes across as hilarious.


Moreover, the fact that Sweet Anita joins in the laughter indicates a matured approach to her syndrome, which makes her all the more endearing to her numerous fans.

Published 14 Oct 2020, 21:03 IST
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