Among Us: What is the meaning of AFK, OP, GG, and other gaming culture abbreviations

Image Credits: Goomba Stomp
Image Credits: Goomba Stomp

Have you ever heard the term "GG" and wondered what it means? Welcome to the world of online video game abbreviations. Every title has its own lingo that you can learn in terms of abbreviated words.

Among Us tops the charts as one of the most-played games this year, and if you are someone who joined this game recently and are wondering about the terms that other players use in the chatbox, don't worry. We've got your back.

Abbreviated words in gaming culture are famous for communicating quicker. In this article, we list down every single game acronym and abbreviations that Among Us players use in the chatbox.

Image Credits: University of Oxford
Image Credits: University of Oxford

List of gaming culture abbreviations and terms used in Among Us

Terms used in the chat:

  • GLHF: Good Luck. Have Fun. You can often find this term in the chatbox of Among Us when the players are in the lobby, wishing good luck to each other while waiting for the game to start.
  • AFK: Away From Keyboard. Players often denote other players with this term to indicate that they were dormant or inactive for a certain period during the game.
  • GG: This is a widespread term used in Among Us and in various other games to appreciate a 'Good Game' after completing a round or after victory.

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  • OP: Op or Over-Powered is also a common term used in almost every genre of online gaming, along with Among Us, as players admire the most dominating one amongst them or the one who steals away the victory flawlessly, over-powering all other players.
  • Sus: Sus stands for suspicious, especially in Among Us as during a game if the crewmates find something suspicious or questionable in the behavior of one of the Crewmates, he/she uses the term 'Sus' to question the intention of that player, who may also be an Imposter.

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Image Credits: Speedify
Image Credits: Speedify
  • DC: 'DC' and 'AFK' are almost similar when it comes to their meanings. The term DC is used when a player is disconnected from the server during the game.
  • Re: Re stands for reconnecting. When a player joins the game again after being disconnected from the server, other players confirm him as' in-game.
  • Noob: Noob is not correctly an abbreviated term but is often used in the game for a player who joins Among Us recently and is still struggling with the basics of the game. The term 'Noob' or 'N00b' comes from the word 'Newbie.'

Disclaimer: Although experienced and regular players might be aware of these terms, new players in games such as Among Us often search for the meanings of these terms. This article is for them.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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