Animal Crossing: New Horizons- 2.0 update gives eight characters an update

Leif got a new shop and an upgrade to his services in the update (Image via Nintendo)
Leif got a new shop and an upgrade to his services in the update (Image via Nintendo)

It's been nearly a month since the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update arrived. The game and the player base have been sufficiently revitalized thanks to a ton of new content. However, the longevity of the update has largely been coming from smaller, lesser-known features.

For example, eight special visitors received updates that changed their characters. It's a small update, but things like this go a long way towards extending and improving the quality of life of the game. Here's what characters received upgrades and how they were changed.

Eight special visitors received updates with Animal Crossing 2.0 update

Luna is the resident sleep expert for Animal Crossing. Players who want to visit dream islands have to go through her. Previously, she would only accept dream codes to take players to islands. Now, if players know the name of the island, they can enter that and be taken to the island.

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Nat was previously just an image on a poster in the musuem, but thanks to the 2.0 update he is a full-fledged villager. He will even give players a lesson on bugs. This is tied to the Happy Home Paradise DLC, though.

Animal Crossing players who talk to Celeste, when she's anywhere but the Roost, can get brand new DIY recipes from her. She's a rare visitor, but players can expect her to show up after she visits the Roost.

Players who complete the Happy Home Paradise DLC by designing 30 homes will unlock a weekly concert held by K.K. Slider. At this concert, Wilbur can dance with the players if they ask him.

Wilbur can dance at the concert now (Image via Nintendo)
Wilbur can dance at the concert now (Image via Nintendo)

Both Sahara and Kicks received updates to their inventories after the 2.0 update. They've received permanent homes, but they're also selling new items that players couldn't get from them before.

Buying turnips can be a great way for Animal Crossing players to make bells, but they can also earn new DIY recipes doing it. The more turnips they buy from Daisy Mae, the more DIY recipes she'll give to them.

Finally, Leif can now weed players' islands. It's an expensive task, but it is probably worth it to get rid of all the weeds Animal Crossing players see on their islands.

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