Animal Crossing: New Horizons belongings luck explained: How it works, how to get it and more

Having bad luck in belongings is very unfortunate (Image via Nintendo)
Having bad luck in belongings is very unfortunate (Image via Nintendo)

As a result of Katrina being added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, luck as a mechanic has also been introduced to the game. The luck feature essentially influences how a few categories will work during a particular day. Katrina and her Fortune Shop can provide other services, but luck is her main component.

Players can find Katrina on Harv's Island after the 2.0 update, but not until they've fully funded her shop. Each shop costs 100,000 bells and will then appear the next day. Katrina's luck can influence four categories, including player's belongings. Here's how that works.

Katrina, luck and belongings: How it works in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing players can visit Katrina at her shop on Harv's Island and ask her for their fortune each day if they want to. If they do, there are a total of four categories that will then be influenced by their fortune or luck.

  • Belongings
  • Health
  • Friendship
  • Money

However, these categories are not automatically influenced by luck. Luck will play no factor unless players talk to Katrina.

Katrina can give good or bad luck to players who ask (Image via Nintendo)
Katrina can give good or bad luck to players who ask (Image via Nintendo)

If players are lucky and receive good fortune on belongings, villagers will give more gifts to Animal Crossing players on that day. Additionally, tools will not lose durability when used, making it a great day to dig and break rocks amongst other activities.

Just went to a Kapp’n island that was nighttime themed with shooting stars, star fragment rocks, and an asteroid DIY on the beach! I got the Katrina fortune for “good luck with belongings”, just so you know!! #acnh

If players are unfortunate enough to receive bad luck on belongings, it'll be a really bad day to do any of these activities. Tools will diminish and lose durability at a much faster rate and will break more often. Additionally, Kapp'n's islands will be much worse as well.

i got the "luck with belongings" fortune from katrina today and chopped EVERY SINGLE TREE on my island with just one flimsy axe... very good fortune thank you #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch

Players won't even be able to visit Gold Island, which is one of the best they can go to. They also won't find an island that has a Gyroid fragment for them to dig up either.

Bad luck on belongings is arguably the worst misfortune that Animal Crossing players can receive from Katrina. It's almost better to not even get a fortune at all and risk losing the good luck blessing.

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