Animal Crossing players are finding out that New Horizons has a bit of a dark side

Animal Crossing. Image via VentureBeat
Animal Crossing. Image via VentureBeat

Animal Crossing is known for being a kid-friendly game. Its E for Everyone and is widely considered to be geared towards a younger audience, especially New Horizons.

It's been one of the best games for younger Nintendo players to get into and enjoy. That doesn't mean, however, that it's all kid-friendly. For starters, the game allows players to create whatever they want, and sometimes that lends itself to a darker mood.

Some players have recreated Harry Potter islands, which aren't exactly the epitome of kid-friendly. Some have created horror islands, including one for Aika Village, a horror island in the lore of Animal Crossing. Clearly, what is widely regarded as a kid-friendly game has a bit of a dark side.

The dark side of Animal Crossing


The first thing the players noticed was inside Tom Nook's office. While it seems harmless, Tom Nook has a spreadsheet open on his computer most of the time and some players are theorizing that he's tracking which players pay and don't pay so he can get the money back once and for all, much like he used to threaten players in previous iterations.

Tom Nook has long been considered the villain of Animal Crossing, and this may be a secret plan he is hatching. It could also be a harmless spreadsheet from the town businessman.

Tom Nook. Image via Nintendo Soup
Tom Nook. Image via Nintendo Soup

Another strange occurrence is when players get into the changing room in the Able Sisters Tailor Shop. The chair can't be sat on and the mirror shows no reflection for players. It's strange. Granted, players aren't supposed to get in there, but a mirror with no reflection has some dark connotations.

The changing room in the Able Sisters Tailor Shop. Image via YouTube
The changing room in the Able Sisters Tailor Shop. Image via YouTube

Another thing players have noticed is that Wilbur cannot be pushed past a certain point in the airport. Why is he being held back there? Why can't he move forward? There are also some Easter eggs that are rather frightening, though. If players interact with the doghouse furniture item, it will let out a demonic growl and a pair of red, beady eyes will stare players down from inside.

Additionally, players can sit in front of a TV at 3:33 a.m. EST on a Saturday and they will see their television showing them aliens, potentially threatening their arrival before the screen goes blank again.

It's safe to say that Animal Crossing, while fairly kid-friendly, has some things that aren't exactly meant for all ages.

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