Animal Crossing Reddit community applauds New Horizons for introducing consent education in the game

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Redditor shares an example of consent education in the game (Image via r/AnimalCrossing/Reddit)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Redditor shares an example of consent education in the game (Image via r/AnimalCrossing/Reddit)
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a vast community, with members of various age groups joining in to enjoy the life-simulation title. This also means that due to the easy gameplay, colorful and attractive characters, and visuals in the game, many players of the title are also children.

So when Animal Crossing Redditor u/Forward_Spinach5877 shared a glimpse of consent education that they spotted in the game, the community was floored, applauding Nintendo for including this element in the life-simulation title and spreading awareness regarding the importance of consent.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons subtly introduces consent education in the title

The importance of consent is something that people have always advocated for, and they consider it especially important to teach the value of consent to the younger generations. Since New Horizons has a major chunk of its community in the younger generations, it was highly applaudable that the developers included such dialog choices for villagers in the game as well.

Interacting with villagers is one of the most interesting parts of the Nintendo life simulation title and has often led to hilarious moments with players who got bizarre responses from their villagers for different questions.

However, when Julia, the snooty ostrich, chided Raymond for apparently pressuring her into a kiss, the community really appreciated it, suggesting that it was great to see New Horizons reiterating the importance of consent in the game.

Others also asked for context as to why Julia was chiding Raymond, who is often deemed as the most popular villager in New Horizons due to his cheerful disposition with both players and other villagers. As it turns out, Raymond had proposed a play to the villager where she would play the role of a princess who is awoken by a kiss.

The Redditor even chimed in, saying that this exchange would make many children question the proceedings of the popular children's story, Sleeping Beauty.

Several players applauded Julia for her reaction, calling her a true feminist icon.

Villager interactions are quite interesting in Animal Crossing, but with this incident, players can also understand that the kind of dialog in the game can also be very important in popularizing much-needed conversations in mainstream game titles, making topics like consent education much more widely discussed among the younger generations as well as the older generations.

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