Animal Crossing: Rumors suggest Nintendo will announce return of Harriet at E3 2021

Could Harriet be returning to Animal Crossing? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Could Harriet be returning to Animal Crossing? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have frequently criticized the fifth entry in the long-running franchise. A lack of updates has disappointed even the most honest patrons of the title. Unsurprisingly, all eyes are on the 26th edition of E3, which will occur between June 12th and 15th.

Even though the devs announced that a few unseen events would hit the Animal Crossing island in the subsequent months, players feel that the title needs new content to sustain its player base, which currently stands on a relatively weak footing.

Ever since Nintendo announced it would be present at the biggest event of the summer, rumors have surfaced online reiterating that the devs will announce plans for Animal Crossing on the biggest stage of them all.

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Harriet used to run the Shampoodle barbershop (Image via Amino Apps)
Harriet used to run the Shampoodle barbershop (Image via Amino Apps)

New Horizons stands out when compared to its predecessors. Be that as it may, ardent followers of the franchise believe that the role of other villagers and characters in the game is pretty restricted, making New Horizons less interactive.

According to recent reports, it is possible that the title could see the return of some of the most beloved characters, including Harriet, who has been away from the Animal Crossing island for a long time.

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Will Harriet return to Animal Crossing?

For those unfamiliar with the character, Harriet is essentially a pink poodle who runs the Shampoodle barbershop. She took advantage of being a beloved character in the community, charging around 3,000 bells for a simple haircut.

Harriet was first seen in Wild World, City Folks, and New Leaf before she was replaced by a mirror in New Horizons.

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Data miners have also uncovered evidence suggesting Brewster and Kapp'n could be returning to Animal Crossing after a long hiatus.

Although Nintendo has managed to keep everything under wraps, a piece of update more or less confirms that Harriet could be returning sooner rather than later.

Harriet used to provide players a Mii Mask whenever they requested a makeover. This request replaced the player's head with any Mii available on their Wii or 3DS.

Nintendo announced the release of a remastered version of Miitopia last week. The community has connected the dots to conclude that a crossover between Miitopia and New Horizons is on the table and the return of Harriet is inevitable.

Nintendo, however, hasn't provided an official word, leaving fans on tenterhooks. With how things are shaping up, E3 Direct will make or break Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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