Animal Crossing: Secrets about Able Sisters that you didn't know 

Details about Able Sisters that you might've missed (Image via Crossing channel)
Details about Able Sisters that you might've missed (Image via Crossing channel)

The Able Sisters store and the characters themselves are iconic in the Animal Crossing franchise. Their store is a cute little space for players to visit and grab unique items and designs that you can wear around the island.

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The Able Sisters shop is also open throughout the day, unlike Nook's Cranny where Timmy and Tommy literally kick players out of their store if they stay past closing time.

Interestingly, the Able Sisters store has a bunch of hidden details and secrets. The following section will throw more light on these to give players an idea of what they have been missing out on for the last year.

Able Sisters secrets in Animal Crossing

Sable's patterns

Whenever you visit the store, on the same day, the same hour or even after every 30 seconds, Sable will be working on a different pattern each and every time.

(Image via Crossing channel)
(Image via Crossing channel)

This reiterates that the devs have paid close attention to the smallest detail. Moreover, Sable doesn't leave the store and never really gets a chance to interact with other characters on the island. So it's good to know that she's not working on the same thing all day.

Living quarters

The Able Sisters store might be open throughout the the day, but they do have a living quarter that they can access from within the store.

(Image via Crossing channel)
(Image via Crossing channel)

There is a door next to Sabel's work station which leads to their living quarters. Sadly, just like Timmy and Tommy's living quarters, players can't access the Able Sisters living quarters either.

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This is a nice little detail that players might've missed as the store is occupied with a lot of flower motifs. Nintendo might come up with an update that will allow players to visit the characters in their living quarters, establishing a more solid relationship.

This is what happens in Stardew Valley, where players can access living quarters of characters upon reaching a certain level of friendship. Nintendo can tweak certain aspects of the game to come up with a similar arrangement.

Family photo

Behind Sable in the store are a bunch of family photos. These tell a sad story of how their parents passed away when they were young and how Sable has been looking after her younger sisters.

(Image via Crossing channel)
(Image via Crossing channel)

It's adorable that Animal Crossing has decided to honor their parents and their family history by including a set of photos.

Becoming best friends with Sable

Once the players become good friends with Sable, they can unlock some pretty cool patterns that can be used to customize items, including your phone case in Animal Crossing.

These can be unlocked by conversing with Sable on a daily basis. Also, once the players unlock these, they will also get unlocked by all the other villagers in the game.

Nook scissors?

In the previous iterations of the game, there were clues that suggested that Tom Nook and Sable were involved in a romantic relationship before the former went to the city to pursue his dreams.

(Image via Crossing channel)
(Image via Crossing channel)

Tom Nook might be very strict when it comes to collecting debt but is a softy and gave a pair of scissors to Sable as a parting gift. There is a pair of scissors behind Sable's work station which could be the one that Tom Nook gave.

The Able Sisters

Label, as we now know, was professionally known as Labelle in Animal Crossing. This was when she was away from her sisters and was pursuing her dreams.

(Image via Crossing channel)
(Image via Crossing channel)

However, the three sisters reconnected and Labelle prefers to go by Label in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and revealed that Labelle was her name when she was working with Gracy, who is her fashion mentor.


Sable is the oldest and Mabel who is the youngest but is the most outgoing of the three sisters in Animal Crossing.

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