Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Legend of Zelda crossover at E3 explained

A crossover with the Legend of Zelda coming soon (Image via Mayor Mori)
A crossover with the Legend of Zelda coming soon (Image via Mayor Mori)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have spent the better part of the last few months waiting for a massive update. While the expectation of an extravagant update has kept players on tenterhooks, Nintendo's response has been rather underwhelming.

E3 Direct is around the corner, while Nintendo has kept everything under wraps. However, rumors suggest that Animal Crossing could get a crossover with the Legend of Zelda.

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(Image via Twinfinite)
(Image via Twinfinite)

The Legend of Zelda will complete its 35th anniversary in the fraternity, implying that a crossover with a franchise like Animal Crossing is a safe assumption.

The following section will highlight what the previous crossovers have looked like and what fans can expect at E3.

What can Animal Crossing fans expect from E3?

E3 is undoubtedly one of the biggest events of the summer, which will bring developers, publishers, media, and thousands of gamers under an umbrella.

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Nintendo will be hosting a 40 minute Direct to focus on upcoming games and hopefully give a glimpse into what they have planned for Animal Crossing.

As the Legend of Zelda is completing its 35th anniversary this year, there is no doubt that the event will be centered around it. After a crossover with Mario that added Mario-themed items to the game, it is possible that the fans can expect a similar crossover.

(Image via Mayor Mori)
(Image via Mayor Mori)

Several Legend of Zelda items has appeared in Animal Crossing with Master Sword, featuring in the game as far back as the original.

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Interestingly, in New Leaf, players could purchase fortune cookies that contained Nintendo-themed items, including Master Sword and hero's outfits and Zelda-themed masks.

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However, the biggest crossover occurred when the Welcome Amiibo hit the Animal Crossing islands and added 30 exclusive Zelda items to the game. It also added four new Zelda-inspired villagers who made it possible to unlock more items inspired by the popular game.


If a crossover is announced at the event, it is safe to assume that players could witness a similar transition with several Zelda villagers arriving at the Animal Crossing island bearing gifts in the form of new in-game items.

While there is a lot to look forward to, Animal Crossing's crossover with Zelda is the most believable one, considering how Nintendo has promoted both titles.