Ways in which Hokko Life differs from Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

Hoko life shares a close connection with Animal Crossing (Image via Superparent)
Hoko life shares a close connection with Animal Crossing (Image via Superparent)

While Animal Crossing: New Horizons is unlike any title we've seen before, a new game is being released for PC gamers which comes pretty close to the franchise that is over two decades old now.

Wonderscope is the mastermind behind the idea of Hokko Life and from the looks of it, takes inspiration from Animal Crossing.

Hokko Life is defined as a cute life simulator game which allows players to replicate reality, much like Nintendo's Animal Crossing.

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Both titles also have a similar style for art and animation. Hokko Life might not be an exact replica, but it shares a resemblance to Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley.

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There are several elements that differentiate Animal Crossing from Hokko Life. The following section will shed more light on these elements and will give a deeper insight into the title that is being released on Steam for PC gamers.

Following elements differentiate Hoko Life from Animal Crossing

Farming vegetables

Animal Crossing enables players to grow plants, flowers, trees and bushes of different kinds. Sadly, the players can't farm vegetables. New Horizons has been criticized over this aspect on numerous occasions. Only a handful of events in the title are centered around food items.

(Image via Pixelkin)
(Image via Pixelkin)

In Hokko Life, however, the players can not only farm vegetables, but they can also cook. This element makes the title stand out. It is possible that Wonderscope has put in more effort to introduce elements that Nintendo has fallen short of including in new Horizons.

Customizing all houses

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to decorate their houses in the most creative ways possible. Players can also customize in-game items but can't decorate or customize the houses of other villages.

(Image via Hoko Life YouTube)
(Image via Hoko Life YouTube)

In Hokko Life, players can decorate the house any way they want. They can change the wallpaper, change the flooring, change the furniture and can also change how the houses look from the outside.

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Inviting infinite villagers

Animal Crossing boasts the presence of extremely quirky villagers that can be found at random times. While some are available throughout the year, some make their appearance only during specific events.

(Image via PC Gamer)
(Image via PC Gamer)

On the flip side, in Hokko Life, players can invite an infinite number of villagers depending on the space available on your islands. Players can also invite and freely evict any villager they want which is in stark comparison to the procedure involved in eliminating a villager in Animal Crossing.

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The players can also understand what the other villagers are talking about in Hokko Life. Their conversations appear in the form of floating bubbles. In Animal Crossing, however, we can only understand what the characters are talking about once we approach them.


Sleep cycle

Animal Crossing: New Horizons follows real time, implying that Halloween in the game occurs at exactly the same point as in real life. This might make it difficult for players to enjoy the event if they miss out on a specific day. True, time travel does make it possible to partake in events you have missed out. But that is limited to specific events.

(Image via Gamepar)
(Image via Gamepar)

In Hokko Life, however, the players can enjoy any activity for as long as they want without having to worry about what happens the next day.

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