Animal Crossing: Players discover Gulliver glitch in New Horizons

The Gulliver glitch explained (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Gulliver glitch explained (Image via Sportskeeda)

Like other titles, Animal Crossing, too, has its share of glitches. While some are easily noticeable, others take time to surface.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons received a patch update just a few days back to incorporate changes to the Wedding Season, an event that will be returning from last year. This didn't require a complete update and was completed over the internet.

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While version 1.10.0a introduced changes to the Wedding Season event, it also introduced a game-breaking glitch that scores of players have already reported.


Before the update, Gulliver was working completely fine and was spawning where he usually does.

Interestingly, Animal Crossing players have found it challenging to locate Gulliver since the update, insinuating that Nintendo must've made a mistake.

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What is wrong with Gulliver in Animal Crossing?

Players have spotted Gulliver at odd locations and not where he is supposed to spawn, near the Animal Crossing beach. More importantly, he appears at random places on the island and looks tuckered out.

Thus, locating him to strike up a conversation has become a rather uphill task. Be that as it may, conversations with him are working completely fine. So even though locating him will require a hunt across the length and breadth of the island, at least the purpose will be served.

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There is another theory that has caused a ripple on the internet. Players suggest that Gulliver and Gullivarr are different characters and that the glitch concerns Gulliver's alter ego.

Gulliver interacting with a player (Image via Animal Crossing world)
Gulliver interacting with a player (Image via Animal Crossing world)

The story suggests that they are separate characters but share the same characteristics and even the same birthday, May 25th.

Even during their anniversary, Nintendo included both Gulliver and Gullivarr, implying that they are different characters.

E3 Direct is around the corner, and the ardent followers of the title are waiting for the devs to include extravagant updates. It is possible that the Gulliver glitch will be fixed once the next update hits the Animal Crossing island.

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