Ant-Man confirmed as the final hunter to arrive in Fortnite Season 5

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

According to popular data miner Hypex, the final hunter to join Fortnite is Ant-Man. Data miners have been effective in keeping the hype around the game alive.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is finally drawing to a close. Despite inching towards a conclusion, the game still had a few loose ends. The end-of-season event was nowhere in sight, and the final hunter was yet to make an appearance.

Data miners confirm the presence of Ant-Man in Fortnite.

Although Fortnite strayed away from the hunter theme a long time ago, the game has stuck to the superhero theme. At this point, the community was expecting a collaboration with Wanda Vision, but the scarlet witch hasn't joined the island yet.

Fortnite just had an extensive season based on Marvel characters. Some fans aren't pleased about it, though. People have been demanding an original skin, while others have been rooting for the Family Guy crossover.

Either way, fans will see Ant-Man in Fortnite. The care package that Squatingdog received contained an ant farm. It was a clear hint about Ant-Man's entry. The care package contained items that hinted at almost every single hunter arriving in Fortnite this season.

Fans feel that Ant-Man joining the game is anti-climatic. They believe that someone else should have been the final hunter. The publishers could have released Ant-Man in Fortnite earlier. The community wanted a bigger splash.

It's safe to say that Fortnite has assembled its own metaverse given the number of diverse characters in the game so far. However, it's not clear if Epic Games will stop, given that collaborations greatly boost revenue and notoriety.

In all probability, players will see more collaborations and crossovers in the future. With Ant-Man in Fortnite, it is clear that the game has the largest collection of IPs.

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