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Apex Legends: 5 Tips To Excel In The Game - Complete Guide 

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Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Apex Legends has just smashed it since release proving to be one of EA's biggest hits of recent memory. This follows a lacklustre final quarter of 2018 where Battlefield 5 failed to meet sales expectations, selling 'only' 7.3 million copies instead of the predicted 8 million plus. This caused EA's stock to nosedive only for the day to be saved by Respawn Entertainment and Apex Legends, which was actually dropped without any marketing beforehand.

Apex Legends does so much right. In my opinion, it's the tightest Battle Royale game out in the market right now. I wasn't a fan of the original BR mode in H1Z1 and I especially loathe PUBG. Apex Legends takes the best parts from other Battle Royale games and brings it together in a way that just works. Unless you play it yourself, it's hard to explain how buttery smooth the game is. The legends also help make the game stand out from everything else in this already crowded genre.

#5 Don't quit you can respawn

Respawn Beacon
Respawn Beacon

This is one big difference between other BR's and Apex and let's just say it now - Apex' system is so much better. Once you get killed in Apex, don't just quit like other Battle Royales.

There's always a chance that one of your teammates will grab your token and take it to a respawn beacon to bring you back. All your gear may be gone when you respawn but at least you're back in the game.

#4 Hang from the ledge

You can hang from ledges
You can hang from ledges

When I first noticed this I thought it may be some sort of a glitch but that wasn't the case. In Apex, there's a great mechanic where you can hang from a ledge and observe what's going on in front of you before either vaulting over the object or getting back down.

This is a great way to stay in cover and look out into the distance to see if the coast is clear.

#3 Wraith's portals


We all know about Wraith and her portals now. However, what you may not know is that even as a member of an opposing team. you can access one of Wraith's portals. This can help you get a jump on an unprepared team or maybe just get you out of trouble in a pivotal moment.

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