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How To Play Apex Legends on PC, PS4 and Xbox - Ultimate Beginners guide

Kuldeep Thapa
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 21:26 IST

The game has become extremely popular and has already crossed the player base of 10 million (Image Courtesy: Apex Legends)
The game has become extremely popular and has already crossed the player base of 10 million (Image Courtesy: Apex Legends)

Apex Legends have been making waves since its release last week. The game has become extremely popular and has already crossed the player base of 10 million.

While the game is very fun it's not simple to pick up and is certainly different from traditional battle royale's. Here are some tips if you are just starting out on the game:-

* You have to pick a Legend(character) from the provided champions. There are currently 8 champions available.

Each of these champions has a specific trait which separates them from the others. If you are struggling to find a proper champion, in the beginning, try Lifeline. The champion is easy to play and has unlimited heals so if you mess up you can always heal back.

* When you go into the game with your team, one of the players will automatically be assigned the role of dive master.

The rest of the team automatically follow the dive master. Wherever dive master will jump the rest of the team follow. This makes it easier to stick initially. You can still jump away from the crew.

*There is no fall damage in the game and friendly fire is off. No matter what height you jump from you won't take any fall damage. You can climb structures and cliff by holding Jump.

* Looting only correct items will save you a lot of spaces in inventory. If the item you picked can't be used on your weapon you will see a red marker on the item. Drop these items unless you are saving it for a future gun. Items are also stackable so don't be afraid to pick multiple items.

* You can ping different things in the game so make sure to use it. If you are playing without a microphone you can use the ping system. It is incredibly useful and will make communication easier. If you ping the same command as someone else it will automatically count as affirmation.


* There are four tiers of gear you can get in the game. While 1,2,3 do the same job of protecting you(damage reduction increases as we go up the tier) the tier 4 or Golden tier has some perks along with it.

The helmet will allow your abilities to recharge faster, the armor will allow you to recharge your knockdown shield when you perform execute on anyone, the backpack will allow you to take healing items much faster.

*There is a knockdown shield in the game. It allows you to revive yourself after being killed. The shield is denoted by a golden bubble.

* Along with Golden items there also golden guns available in the game. These are extremely powerful and can make or break the game. However, they are very rare and some are exclusive to care package.

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