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Apex Legends Server: How to change servers manually in PC/PS4/Xbox to reduce lag/resolve server issue

Hritwik Raj

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the first big Battle Royale which was released as a complete version. Apex Legends did not have any alpha or beta release of the game. Moreover, no one knew about the game's existence until it was revealed and released on February 4.

Apex Legends has a few minor bugs which were related to the main screen and login problems along with some other minute bugs. Some of those bugs were addressed by the developers and fixed in a recent patch of Apex Legends.

Though you might not encounter major bugs in Apex Legends, you must have encountered the lag and high ping problems, since there is no direct option to select servers as PUBG/ Fortnite Battle Royale do. Players just hit the play button and start playing the game without bothering about on which server they are playing.

Reddit user u/SuperWeeble has found a way to manually choose server/data centre which helps you to reduce server issues and lag. This method can be used in any platform, with just a change of keys.

Steps for PS4 User /Xbox One User

Apex legends Data Centre Selection Screen in game
Apex legends Data Centre Selection Screen in game
  • Open the game and wait for two minutes on the title screen.
  • Enter accessibility settings
  • After that exit and press R3/right analog stick.

Select the data center with the lowest ping and then you are good to go. Now you can play Apex Legends without any network/lag issue.

Steps for PC users:-


PC users can follow the steps down below to access the data centers in Apex Legends-

  • Start the game and wait for 60 seconds upon startup.
  • Press the escape button.
  • Then cancel, at the bottom of the screen, you can see the data centers.
  • Click and view the list.

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