Apex Legends Characters: How to play As Lifeline

Via Apex Legends
Via Apex Legends
Kuldeep Thapa

Apex Legends is the name of the hour right now. The game has become insanely popular in a short span and everyone has only good things to say about the game. However, the game is not at all easy and due to its champion based system bring some complexity to the table.

Every champion has a unique trait and a certain playstyle. Beginners might get confused due to this so here is a short guide starting with Lifeline. Lifeline is one the easiest yet effective champion to play. She has an inbuilt heal in her kit which allows you to heal constantly even if you mess up a lot.

Her passive allows her to resurrect any fallen player 25% faster than any other champion. Whenever she goes into the process of reviving she will put a barrier which will block all incoming damage. The barrier will only cover the side you are facing so make sure to put it against the enemy side. If you in a cover and you use the resurrection you are essentially safe from damage from every angle.

Lifeline 'Q' ability spawns a heal bot which will heal you over time. The healing is slow but the bot lasts for fairly long. Using the bot efficiently could be the key for successful trades. It's not necessary to use the bot only when you are down on health. You can set up the bot pre-fight and take quick skirmishes with enemies.

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This way your team will be healed constantly in amidst of fight. This also allows you to go in and out of the fight continuously. Save your medkits and syringes for dire situations as they are limited and are much faster than the heal bot.

Lifeline's ultimate ability is one the strongest part of her kit. Lifeline calls a pod from the sky which drops on the targeted location. This Pod contains a high tier gear which is super useful. Whenever you find ultimate accelerator give to Lifeline as the accelerator will instantly boost the process by 20%.

Quick tip: You can use the pod to kill the enemies if it falls on them. However, it's very hard to do so.

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