Apex Legends Mobile Beta vs COD Mobile: Which game has better weapons?

Apex Legends Mobile VS COD Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile VS COD Mobile
Preyashu Halder

Apex Legends Mobile is finally available for download in the early access beta version on April 28th, 2021.

The game is currently available for download in India and the Philippines. Players are giving positive feedback about the game and PUBG Mobile's absence will also aid Apex Legends Mobile's popularity.

COD Mobile is old compared to the newly launched Apex Legends Mobile, but it’s popular and has a huge fanbase. Both the games are Battle Royale in nature and getting the desired weapon in matches can drastically affect the outcome of the match.

In this article, we will talk about which game has the better weapon, Apex Legends Mobile Beta or COD Mobile.

Top 5 Weapon Comparison from Apex Legends Mobile Beta and COD Mobile

#1- R-301 Carbine and QQ9

R-301 is an Assault rifle and is really good for close and medium-range combat. The performance of this gun is consistent and it has plenty of kill potential if a player can master it. The small clip size of the gun can make players go for other guns, but this is an incredibly powerful option in Apex Legends Mobile Beta.

QQ9 is a submachine gun in COD Mobile with a moderate recoil and good accuracy. This gun is good for taking out close-range targets. Pairing it with the right attachments can increase mobility and control the recoil.

#2- R99 SMG and Fennec

R99 SMG is a submachine gun that is really good when it comes to close-range combats. The damage caused by this gun is really high and it has the swiftest fire rate in Apex Legends Mobile Beta. This gun can be paired with any other gun in the game as it causes a lot of damage at close quarters. If a player runs out of bullets in the assault rifle or shotgun, one can just switch to the R-99 to finish off the enemies.

Fennec is a fully Automatic Sub Machine Gun in COD Mobile with an extremely high fire rate and damage capabilities. The weapon is lethal at close-range. If this gun is paired with the right attachments, running and gunning in close combat is pretty easy.

#3- Hemlok Burst AR and M16

Hemlok Burst AR is a Burst fire gun and has an Ammo clip that is slightly smaller than the Flatline in the Apex Legends Mobile Beta. Hemlok is a great mid-range gun and if a player is comfortable using Burst fire mode, this gun is great for them. The accuracy of this gun is not that great but can be managed with proper attachments in Apex Legends Mobile Beta.

The M16 is a semi-automatic gun that uses burst fire and it is very effective at close-range in COD Mobile because of its accuracy. The M16 is both risky and rewarding. If a player lands all the bursts on the enemy from close range, it’s a kill for sure. Paired with the right attachments, it increases mobility and control without decreasing any other stats.

#4- Flatline and AK47

Flatline is an assault rifle that can cause some solid base damage in the Apex Legends Mobile Beta. The gun has a manageable recoil and accurate hip fire damage. This gun is good for medium as well as close-range combats. It can become lethal with proper attachments in the game.

AK47 is a fully automatic assault rifle with the highest damage in COD Mobile in this class. The recoil is really hard to control though. A lot of players prefer using this gun for the high fire rate and damage output.

#5- Sentinel and Arctic .50

Sentinel is a bolt-action sniper rifle that can destroy a shield with one shot in the Apex Legends Mobile Beta. The rate of fire of this gun is really sluggish and takes a considerate amount of time to reload. The Sentinel does penetrate through enemies, meaning a player can score neat collateral hits, but can be severely punished for missing shots – the player needs to make the bullet is on target.

Arctic.50 is a sniper rifle that has the highest mobility, high damage, and a good rate of fire in COD Mobile. The rifle range is really good and helps players land accurate headshots. Paired with the right attachments, the accuracy, range, and damage increases but reduces fire rate, mobility, and controls.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer's opinion, and readers can have their individual views which may vary.

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