Apex Legends' new character Pariah's abilities leaked; possibly releasing before Valk in season 9

A data miner has revealed the abilities of a potential new legend in the Apex games (image via Respawn)
A data miner has revealed the abilities of a potential new legend in the Apex games (image via Respawn)
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As Apex Legends Season 8 comes to a close in about two weeks, data miners have gained access to the new content coming to the game in Season 9.

The latest leak by user Biast12 has detailed the abilities of a new legend, "Pariah," who looks set to drop in Season 9. With the multiple Valk leaks that have been occurring since Apex Legends Season 2, players are now miffed as to which legend will grace the Apex game next.

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Apex Legends new legend "Pariah" leaked, abilities detailed

On the surface, Pariah's abilities look like a hybrid of Bloodhound's kit and Caustic's ultimate. Pariah's passive "Aplomb Training" allows players to see enemies' health bars and gives them immunity to stunning effects and "SDM" steam.

The passive alone seems overpowered as players can now call for pushes with 100% accuracy based on the opponent's health basis itself. If the immunity to stun extends to all stun effects in the game, this essentially makes Pariah a tank who can simply waltz through a Bangalore ultimate to safety.

Pariah's tactical ability or "q" is a Sonar Grenade that reveals enemies in an area for a period of 15 seconds. Essentially a more powerful Bloodhound "q," the tactical grenade ability paired with the enemy health knowledge passive may turn the Apex Legends even further into an "int" heavy meta.

Pariah's ultimate, titled "Sacrificial Romantic," is described as:

"Pariah activates a SDM device releasing a flurry ofsteam in all directions but becomes unable to move. Steam Causes burn damage directly to health"

Similar in many ways to Caustic's ultimate ability, Pariah essentially releases a steam bomb that does direct health damage bypassing shields around itself but immobilizes itself in the process.

With Pariah's kit leak, it seems that Apex Legends players have a very strong new recon character to look forward to. However, with a kit so strong, it remains to be seen if the meta progresses for the better or the worse.

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