Which Legend desperately needs a massive rework in Apex Legends in 2021?

Image via eurogamer
Image via eurogamer
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Players will remember a time when Mirage was one of their most loved Apex Legends in terms of personality, but yet could never pass as a viable option for Ranked or even casual lobbies.

After the first few seasons, Mirage was due for a massive upgrade, and he did receive one as his entire kit was reworked and has steadily gotten better over the past few months.

While Mirage's ultimate still needs a lot to be desired, his passive ability to revive players while cloaked does seem to make him a viable legend at times.

Seeing how Mirage got a major facelift, he wouldn't be the next Apex Legend to get a buff or a complete rework. Apex Legends has steadily gotten better with issues of balancing and game-breaking bugs, and there are certain Legends that still need some love from the devs.

One of the most talked-about Legends in Apex Legends' forums and subreddits is "Crypto." In theory, Crypto should absolutely be one of the better Legends in the game, but he is hilariously outclassed by others, and his use case is very limited.

The Legend that urgently needs a massive rework in Apex Legends in 2021


Apex Legends Season 7 saw the introduction of a new map: Olympus. The map encourages longer-ranged combat with a good combination of open spaces that allow for Legends like Crypto to have a better chance.

However, Crypto's kit still leaves a lot to be desired as simply hanging back while squadmates lead the charge often exposes the team to certain failure. The use of snipers, especially against squads with Lifeline in Apex Legends, is almost pointless.

Lifeline is able to easily revive downed teammates without them needing to get into cover. Crypto's kit essentially encourages players to play using snipers in Apex Legends, but seeing just how popular and dominant Lifeline is in the game, it is never a good call.

When does Crypto come into use?


Apex Legends generally has certain situations in which each Legend seems to shine. For instance, Caustic will turn any enclosed area into a death trap and dictate where the fight will take place, especially during the endgame stage.

Similarly, Crypto is extremely useful in Apex Legends when it comes to the endgame. Crypto's ability to see how many squads are in the drone range makes him especially useful to the squad.

Being able to scout and even manipulate enemy locations using the drone is absolutely practical and a massive advantage to the squad in Apex Legends. While Crypto's recon abilities are pretty decent, his offensive capabilities are ridiculous.

It is almost a given that the most mobile Legends have the highest chance of making a clutch play and winning games for their squad in Apex Legends. Yet, characters like Wattson and Rampart still manage to be a lot more useful than Crypto.

What needs to change for Crypto?

Essentially, Crypto needs a major buff in a way that increases his offensive capabilities in Apex Legends. For one, his passive, the Neurolink, which allows teammates and Crypto to see what the drone sees at all times, needs a bit of rework.

Allowing the drone to autonomously make evasive maneuvers could be something that the devs could look into. While recon and scouting autonomously would be massively overpowered, simply allowing it to evade enemy gunfire should be balanced enough.

To sum it up, Crypto needs to have more ways in which players are able to play with him in Apex Legends. Currently, the only way to make use of his character is by only sticking to snipers, which, as previously mentioned, isn't always a good call.

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