Apex Legends News: Respawn aims to fix hitbox issues in Battle Royal title

  • If you've found it difficult to graze Wraith or feel like a slight breeze of wind can take down Pathfinder, Respawn is here to help.
Greg Bush
Modified 27 Feb 2019, 01:42 IST

Pathfinder players have been haunted by an imaginary hitbox
Pathfinder players have been haunted by an imaginary hitbox

Respawn's popular Battle Royal game has toppled the titles keeping multiplayer gamers at bay. League of Legends, Fortnite, and others that used to dominate the market have been dethroned by Apex Legends, which has received an overwhelming amount of glowing reviews from players and reviewers alike. However, nothing is perfect, and Respawn is aware of the hefty amount of complaints the game has gotten connected to the hitbox of several characters.

First and foremost, Wraith, who has the smallest hitbox in the entire game, is considered by many players to be one of the most overpowered characters on the roster simply because of how difficult it is to hit her. Considering how small the character model is, it makes sense, though. Compare her to Gibraltar, the largest character in the game, and you'll see that his hitbox stands about 140% larger than Wraith's.

While this is understandable, what doesn't make sense is how pinpoint accurate you must be to hit certain characters, while others will take damage if you shoot in their general direction.

In a YouTube video from SpookySpy, we get to see just how they work.

According to the video, certain characters, like Pathfinder, are able to be hit even if a bullet doesn't actually graze their character model, while those going against a Wraith would have a relatively difficult time hitting her, especially near her arms.

Well, thanks to SpookySpy and the Apex community, Respawn is now looking into the issue. In a recent Reddit post discussing the latest patch, a community manager stated that they are "aware of the issue and discussing it." Not much was said after that, but it's good to know that they're working out the kinks here.

What do you think about the issue? With Pathfinder, hopefully, getting a fix in the near future, what other issues should Respawn focus on to balance out Apex Legends?

Published 27 Feb 2019, 01:42 IST
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