Aquilok’s Skin in Lost Ark: What is it used for and how to farm it?

Getting Aquilok’s Skin in Lost Ark (Image via Lost Ark)
Getting Aquilok’s Skin in Lost Ark (Image via Lost Ark)

Resource and item collection is a big part and parcel of the Lost Ark gameplay experience. While there are some things that are quite easy to acquire in the world of Arkesia, others have some of the rarest drop rates.

One such incredibly scarce resource is the Aquilok’s Skin, which is one of the most difficult items to get in the game.

The Aquilok’s Skin is a resource that adventurers must acquire to complete the Adventurer Tome challenges and unlock many amazing rewards as a result. The resource is one of the key items to unlock the Rethramis Collection and is therefore highly sought after by players.

However, the Aquilok’s Skin is incredibly difficult to find as it has one of the lowest drop rates out of all the resources in the MMO. Moreover, it’s not particularly tied to any mob or monster boss as a drop, leaving its acquisition in the hands of RNG (random number generation).

Getting Aquilok’s Skin in Lost Ark


As mentioned, the Aquilok’s Skin is one of the most challenging resources to come across in Arkesia, and there are players who have reached the endgame without coming across the drop even once.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable way of getting the item, as it is not particularly tied to any monster. The resource can drop from any monster or dungeon, and apart from advising players to go about massacring everything in sight in the Rethramis continent, the only other viable solution would be to just progress with the game normally and hope that the item eventually drops.

The Rethramis Continent includes the regions of Loghill, Prideholme, Akumo Mountain, and Rethramis Border, each with their own set of raids, dungeons, bosses, and mobs. Hence, it’s advised that players should try to max out the compilation level of the continent by doing all the Tome missions and side quests that they get from each region.

Additionally, as Lost Ark dungeons too have a chance to drop Aquilok’s Skin, adventurers can invest a few hours every day to farm all of the dungeons in the region.

It’s important to note here that, while many previously believed that the item was dropped after completing the dungeon Aquilok’s Head in Ankumo Mountain, that is not the case. Aquilok’s Skin is not tied to any monster or quest, so even after completing the dungeon, the chances of it dropping will depend on RNG and the player’s luck.

So to get the item, players can either go about their time in the game normally and hope for it to drop in the future. Otherwise, they can invest a considerable amount of time every day farming out the option dungeons in the region over and over again.

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