Are you able to save in Far Cry 6?

Players need to rely on autosave features in Far Cry 6 (Image via Ubisoft)
Players need to rely on autosave features in Far Cry 6 (Image via Ubisoft)
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As expected, Far Cry 6 is a massive game and the ability to save is incredibly important if players want to keep their sanity. If the previous games are any indication, there is an in-between option but not quite a full system.

That very same sentiment holds true for Far Cry 6 as well, and the ability to save the game isn't necessarily available. Instead, Far Cry 6 utilizes autosaves entirely to keep track of a player's progress in the game. Manual saves are not a possible option, and that means players can't technically choose when they want to fill a new save slot.

Alternate method to save in Far Cry 6

However, there are some workarounds to the game's save system that allow players to save their progress, to an extent. In order to 'manually save,' players need to take advantage of this very same autosave system. Any time players complete major objectives, reach a new milestone, or even make a quick purchase, the game will automatically save.

The best way to take advantage of the system is by fast traveling to any point in Far Cry 6. While this method may have a chance of failing to save, it's not common, and a new autosave file will be added to the game. Players can then load in and out of that same fast-travel save point.

In total, there are three save slots in Far Cry 6. Each time the game reaches an autosave, that list moves down and a new save takes an old slot. Unfortunately, that means players won't necessarily be able to travel far back to load up an older save file. Most games will have relatively recent autosaves that fill the save slots.

Does offline play affect the ability to save in Far Cry 6?

Due to some games having online features in general, players may be wondering whether Far Cry 6 can be played offline, and if that affects how saving works. There is good news in both cases.


Yes, Far Cry 6 can absolutely be played offline and there are no online requirements unless players are trying to join a co-op game. In that same field, there is no particular requirement for players to be online in order to save correctly. Instead, when players reach an autosave, the information is then stored in the system's storage.

Players in Far Cry 6 that truly want older saves may be able to keep a version of their game within a separate file or dive. However, this is not a guaranteed method and is usually not worth it most of the time. Fast travel whenever possible and the save feature should be fine in Far Cry 6.

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