"Sell it to someone even dumber": Twitch streamer Asmongold bashes NFTs on livestream

Asmongold provides his explanation of NFTs (Image via Twitch/Asmongold)
Asmongold provides his explanation of NFTs (Image via Twitch/Asmongold)

Asmongold shared his opinion on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) during his latest stream. The streamer has historically been vocal about his dislike for digital assets.

NFTs are a blockchain trend where an individual is granted ownership of a digital art by registering to a blockchain. NFTs have caused quite a stir over the past few months, with major streamers coming out in opposition to them.

While reviewing Steam's latest decision to ban NFTs from its platform, Asmongold expressed his ongoing frustration with the popularity garnered by NFTs. The streamer discussed the potential endgame for NFT owners, stating that reselling is their only option.

"...sell it to somebody who's even dumber than they are, who will buy it for even more money."
Gabe Newell banned NFTs from Steam due to “sketchy behavior” and “out of control” fraud.

Asmongold explains the gameplan for NFT owners

Asmongold was reviewing Reddit posts during his recent stream when he came across a thread on Steam's decision to ban NFTs. The streamer, who has previously shunned the digital assets, took the opportunity to explain to his viewers what he believed to be the plan for NFT owners.

His primary belief was that the NFTs were more of a speculative asset than an investment. Investors often buy these assets, including crypto, in the hopes of a rise in their value. This is done to gain profit through resale.

"Most of these people buy NFTs and cryptos and things like this, not because they're investing in it, but they're using it as a speculative asset, just to wait for it to increase in value and sell it again."
I see the value of blockchain and NFT's as a technologyBUTAm I the only one who finds people scrambling to spend thousands of dollars on a picture of a monkey ridiculous?Am I out of touch or have people lost their minds?

He clarified that most of these investors do not have any long-term interest in these products.

"There's no actual, you know, faith in the underlying product."

The endgame for these investors, the streamer passionately stated, was to gain an easy profit. The majority of streamers consider NFTs to be a scam, and Asmongold's statements resonated with this idea. He further stated:

"There is no idea of an endgame other than trying to figure out and sell it to somebody who's even dumber than they are, who will buy it for even more money."
It's great to see the gaming community come out so strongly against NFT'sMultiple gaming companies now have had to walk back an unwanted NFT push into their games after backlashKeep it up boys, we're winning

Shifting his focus back to Steam's decision, the streamer exclaimed that NFTs should not be involved in the realm of video games. Agreeing with IGN's claims of “sketchy behavior” and “out of control” fraud with NFTs, he concluded that they would not add any positive impact to the community.

"I think that is the endgame for 99% of the NFT owners, and I think that it's just a better idea to just simply out of video games. I cannot see them adding any sort of positive impact."

The internet responds to Steam's decision to ban NFTs

While Asmongold remains in strong opposition to NFTs, plenty of others have vehemently come out in support of the digital tokens. Steam's decision to ban NFTs has received a mixed reaction, with several supporters of the decision and equally present cynics.

@IGN So he banned NFTs for being exactly what NFTs are. Fully praise to Steam, let's hope Ubisoft and EA get the hint.
@IGN NFTs will never catch on because a majority of people don't understand them. Normal Digital content is straightforward and easy to understand. If a Ted Talk needs to be given in order for people to wrap their head around a concept well...
@IGN Gaben, you are the true PC master god who rejected NFTs and fully aware from everyone!
@IGN Why don’t folks want to own their own progress in games?You spend hours grinding the most sought after items, why don’t you want to own it for yourself?!?Instead you want to let all the time you put in go to waste on a centralised database.I don’t understand.
@IGN That’s a mistake. They’ll realize it later. People think jpegs when NFTs are mentioned. They are so much more than that. Games will run on chain. Your vehicles, game skins, game items, homes, progress, job, etc… It’s the way to own and transfer data very easily and securely.
@IGN People complain about steam having the monopoly on pc gaming, but would people seriously prefer to have a company like epic or EA be the top? With the way nfts are growing if steam wasn't around then proper pc gaming would be dying in favor of these shitty nft games with no soul

NFTs continue to remain a hot topic within the streaming community.

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