Asmongold tagged a 'hypocrite' after saying all the wrong things about Leafy's YouTube ban

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Modified 25 Aug 2020

People have been shocked ever since Calvin Lee Vail, aka LeafyIsHere, was banned from YouTube. While some celebrate the ban, most content creators have condemned it, and expressed concern about their own future on the platform. We also talked about how people have been blaming Pokimane for the YouTuber's ban.

It appears as though the mainstream internet has found somebody else to criticize for the time being. Twitch streamer Asmongold, a World of Warcraft content creator who has received criticism for his rather 'ridiculous' lifestyle and stories, is now being criticized for something entirely different.

YouTuber AugieRFC posted a video shedding light on Asmongold's comments that seem to have put him in hot water.

Asmongold tagged a 'hypocrite' after his comments about Leafy's YouTube ban

In the beginning, Augie explains his perspective by taking various examples. He says that, for now, people who used to like Leafy are upset about his ban, while those who didn't are perfectly fine with it. He said a better approach would be to say: "Yes, I don't like Leafy, but he shouldn't have been banned from YouTube."

Calvin Lee Vail aka Leafy
Calvin Lee Vail aka Leafy

The YouTuber then talked about the dangers of censorship, and noted that people should never celebrate it the way they are doing now. He went through further tweets that seemed to criticize Leafy and said that his work was not as bad as some other content on YT. For example, the Late Night Show's talking about politicians.

Regardless, Asmongold, whose real name is Zack, posted the following tweet about Leafy.

Augie explained that such tweets by various Twitch streamers are a result of their failure to understand YouTube as a platform. On the former, criticizing or making fun of other streamers is impossible. They are protected greatly, so even a small mistake can lead to a permanent ban.

The YouTuber explained that instead of hating such a system, Twitch streamers have grown to like it, and want the entire internet to work the same way. He added that as far as Twitch streamers are concerned, making as many as '12' mistakes, like Leafy did, is a sure-shot way to get 'banned'.

Due to the recent 'Twitch streamers vs YouTubers' debate, Zack also got accused of hating Leafy only because of his status as a YouTuber. However, he posted the following tweet to explain his stance.

In simple terms, the argument is that all content creators who use their platform to harass and spread false information deserve deplatforming.

Image Credits: Zack, twitter
Image Credits: Zack, twitter

However, this is directly contradictory to Zack’s tweet from around a year ago, which you can see below. Augie used it to expose how the man behind the Asmongold persona was acting like a hypocrite with regards to Leafy’s ban.

While there is substance in the YouTuber’s argument, Zack recently posted the following to explain his current stance.

As you can see, he says that the comments and content he made in the past are not a reflection of his current values, but instead, a progression he has made as a person over time.

Hence, even if Zack was against censorship and deplatforming before, that is not the case anymore.

You can watch the entire video below:

Published 25 Aug 2020
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